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Bocas del Toro - Panama - English

Archipelago located in the Panamanian Caribbean border with Costa Rica. Main island is the Colón. A wonderful and unknown place of most Brazilians. Almost all the year is summer, island and pristine beaches. Excellent place to hold snorkelling or fully equipped, there are some shipwrecks and there are beaches with waves for surfing.

According to the natives, the meaning of the name Bocas del Toro, came the sound of waves crashing on rocks that seemed to be the sound of a bull's roar (not find a lot, but ok, we will not oppose lol).

Ideal get 3 to 4 days. Go at any time of year.

Its population is approximately 3,000 inhabitants.

How to get
Leaving Panama City you will have two options to get, and a plane (that was chosen) and the other bus. We went without planning there, we were on honeymoon, we had stayed a few days in the Dominican Republic (lindaaa, already posted on it) then we went to Panama City and decided to stretch a bit to Bocas del Toro, won the super sorry.
· By plane will be one hour flight, the airlines that make the trip are: Aeroperlas and Air Panama, beware of excess baggage, these companies are very strict. We went with a turboprop, medooo but went very well, the problem was excess baggage charged, so take small bags.
· From bus will take around 8 hours.

Where to stay
There are plenty of hotels, the best are out of the city center "exclusive" beaches. Those who stay at the center are in most hostels. We stayed in a wonderful hotel facing the sea, it has a restaurant in a bungalow, with great food and a median price. The hotel's name is Playa Tortuga Hotel & Resort, another very good hotel, but more expensive called Punta Caracol.

Photo of the beach in front of the hotel Playa Tortuga.

What to eat
Of course in a place like this it is best to eat dishes based on seafood or fish, has the Pirate restaurant, a good thing to eat seafood.
For those who do not like seafood, in the center there is a great pizzeria, that after a certain time becomes nocturnal ballad.

Meet the Iguana.
They say carnival and New Year, the local boils.

In the center there is a crafts fair open every day with local crafts, the main selling item is a wooden turtle of various sizes, for those who like ...

Main attractions
Are the trips to the other islands of the archipelago, visit the "Red Frog", Cayo Coral, Punta Hospital, Dragon's Mouth, Zapatilla and Dolphin Bay (has dolphins, I swear). During the tours, the restaurants we eat had a great food.

Red Frog Beach Photo

Rã Vermelha (Red Frog)

How Much is It
A package leaving Panama City for two costs around U$ 1,000 (airfare, transfers and accommodation) for 4 days.
For the Ride "Red Frog", Cayo Coral, Punta Hospital and Dolphin Bay "U$ 50 per person and U$ 150 each to eat and drink (4 days).

Watch the video of the trip


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