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Panama City

Town known for Panama Canal linking the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and as a place with cheap products, also called portal of the Americas.

Bridge of the Americas

How to get
Only way to get from Brazil is to go by plane, there are several airlines that do this but the main target is Air Lines Cup.

Where to stay
The city has a large hotel chain, flee hotel with casino, since this type of hotel attracts a lot of prostitution.
We stayed at the Veneto Casino and do not indicate, as it is old and has many prostitutes because of Cassino.

What to eat
The city has all kinds of restaurants, the best fit is to eat seafood.
In the Old City, called Antiguo bark, there are great restaurants open, in the evening, be sure to go there.

We did not know of any traditional party.

Great place to buy electronics, perfumes, sunglasses, designer clothes and more. Did the party there, the airport has one of the largest free malls in the world, even outside the airport has a free shopping that is close to the canal. In the city there are several shopping centers, the best are: MultiPlaza Mall, Albrook Mall and Multicentro Mall.
Be sure to buy your Panama hat.

Altar of Iglesia San Jose (St. Joseph Church) in the old center of Panama City, the altar is all made of gold and not be stolen by the Spaniards centuries ago, the priest of the church "painted" sculpture with clay.

Main attractions
The main attractions are: The Panama Canal, the Bridge of the Americas, the train ride between Panama City and the city of Colón (where is the other end of the channel) and of course the little shopping.

Panama Canal

See the video I made of the city

Watch the video of the ship through the channel


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