10 blogs que lemos e curtimos muito

10 blogs we read and we enjoyed very

November 1, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

As many of you who read our TurMundial blog for more travel information, we also read other blogs to plan our trips as, we believe that the stories of people who have been to the places we want to go, are the best tips to prepare our trips.

Today we bring here for you 10 blogs recently read, and materials which you will not find it here yet, They are places that have not visited.

1-Blog Crossing Borders
Adriana Magalhães, blog author of Crossing Borders comments on post “Bariloche in the summer worth? “ it shows that very worthwhile yes, mainly by the Nahuel Huapi lake beaches.

Foto do Blog Atravessar Fronteiras
Photo Blog Crossing Borders

It also shows to your readers that this region has a very extreme sport, as paragliding, rafting, horseback riding and many more things.

I kept wanting more? Read the full post on Border crossing.

2 – Eye Tourist
If your choice is an adventure destination Ruth Fanhoni's Eye Tourist, account post “Things to do in Brotas? Guide of adventure tourism capital” this post is actually a guide of all the adventures you can do in Brotas.

Tirolesa no Sítio Sete Quedas – Brotas/SP
Zip line on the Site Seven Falls - Brotas / SP, Photo Blog Tourist Eye

For those who do not know Brotas is close to Sao Paulo, only 1 hour drive, a good place to take a runaway from the busy and stressed life of St. Paul.

And in the post she gives you tips of hotels to stay in town, and it goes far beyond that it shows you several pictures of several waterfalls in the area, One more beautiful than the other.

For those who like more extreme sports, she did rafting and zip-lining among other things, want to know more about one of her adventure in Brotas? Read the post in Eye Tourist.

You want to know everything about the Netherlands? This will be possible by reading the blog of Roberta Landeweerd, the Holandesando is a blog that speaks everything and a little about Holland, before we went there we read much her blog, Take to the thousands of tips, but unfortunately a place we can not go, because we were in winter, were the wonderful tulip fields.

Campos de Tulipas, foto do Blog Holandesando
Tulip Fields, Blog photo Holandesando

So we bring her post about this spectacular place, the title of the post is “Like visiting the tulip fields: Tips and routes”, and as the name implies, It has many tips of the routes that you can do to find the fields.

She explains you when visiting, because the flowers are not there all year, It has to routes you can walk, and many other information with beautiful pictures, so do not waste time and run there to see post of tulip fields.

4-Corners in the world
You are planning your trip to Chile? How about tips on the city of Puerto Varas in the region of the lakes Chile? Laish nooks of Ariane in the world did a very good script titled “A Script 3 days in Puerto Varass”.

Lago Llanquihue com o Vulcão Osorno
Lake Llanquihue with the Osorno Volcano, photo blog nooks in the World.

In the post when she says go, where to stay and what kind of transportation takes you there, she details day to day travel with detailed information.

She visited every beautiful place, strong nature and incredible views as the views of the Osorno Volcano, covered in snow! It's beautiful is not it? Want to see and learn more about this place of exuberant nature? There runs the blog Corners in the world and have a good read.

5-Travel more and better
It is in Europe or planning a trip to Switzerland, that such advice see there with Sergio couple and Luna Blog Travel more and better, there is a post about one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, the post is “The Swiss city of Basel“.

Mittlere Brucke ponte do rio Reno
Photo da ponte Middle Brucke no rio Reno, taken by the blog Travel more and better

They say that the Basel is the third largest city, and also tells us what to see in the city, When to go, It is a really nice post to read.

These towns are surrounded by rivers are very beautiful, personnel in Europe appreciates the nature of its rivers, then you want tips on there? Take a read on Travel more and better and see the tips of them.

6 -7 Corners of the World
South of Minas Gerais is the close 3 great capitals of Brazil, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, and you want a hint of that region? The couple Laura and Alexander Sette blog Magno 7 Corners of the World back to us post “Aiuruoca: a stronghold of peace and nature in the south of“.

Vista de cima do Pico do Papagaio
Top view of the Parrot Peak | Photo: Alexandre Magno blog 7 Corners of the World

They show us several mountains and waterfalls of the State Park of Serra Parrot, and the Parrot's Peak is one of the most sought-after attractions for hikers who go to the region.

The tips of restaurants to eat in the region of Minas are very good, like a local food as we? See also there in the post 7 Corners of the World delicious restaurants they visited.

We have a great desire to make a safari in South Africa and see the animals free in their natural habitat, Marcela and the Rayane Az.Wanderlust made a post with a critical analysis of a park in the post “South Africa: Park lions (Lion Park)” so before you go anywhere, It is good to know how animals are treated, it is best to see them released into the wild.

Foto do Blog Az.Wanderlust
Foto do Blog Az.Wanderlust

They have many deta visiting the Lion Park, They make a chronicle of the park, a very interesting post with a site analysis and the treatment they give to animals.

They say that the park today looks like it's going to a row over Safari, no visits to caged lions, want to see more about this animal treatment analysis in the park? Take a look at Az.Wanderlust.

8-Traveling in window
If you like us like an adventure on four wheels, the couple Flavio and Geisiele, creators of the Traveling in Window, It leads us to a quad bike adventure in the post “Adventure: ATV Tour in Monkeys (close to BH)”

Foto do casal do Blog Viajando na janela
Photo of the couple in the window Traveling Blog

They have what it takes to drive a quad bike, what is the appropriate age for children and more.

The tour passes them by river, dirt road, only adventure!! He was eager to see and do this tour? Then read more on the blog Traveling in window.

9-family trip
Another place we really want to know is Las Vegas and girls Hara Simone and Monica Souza family travel blog, It has several posts about the city of casinos and wonderful hotels.

Foto do blog Família Viagem em Las Vegas
Blog photo Family Travel in Las Vegas

They give where sightseeing tips, comer, Hotels and resorts, and go far beyond that, to teach how to put fuel in the car in the United States, because there has attendant.

Between them on the blog and see all these tips Las Vegas.

Who knows TurMundial know that we love to cruise, this year we had another couple and Camila and blog Thiago Casalventura took a cruise in Latin America and one of the stops was the city of Punta del Este, e no post “Punta del Este - Uruguai” they rely on spectacular cruise trip and also on this city that still do not know, but we want much.

Foto do casal Camila e Thiago do blog Casalventura
Photo of the couple Camila and blog Thiago Casalventura

In this post they give tips on where to hire a city tour with a much cheaper price.

One of the tours they did was to Casa Pueblo, an old summer home of renowned artist and Uruguayan Carlos Páez Vilaró, today turned into a museum, an art gallery and a hotel.

Want to know more about Punte del Este? Go on in Casalventura and see them post.

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