10 coisas para fazer gratuitamente em Barcelona

10 free things to do in Barcelona

September 2, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

1. From Plaza Catalunya to Columbus Statue.
Stroll through Las Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya, is the heart of Barcelona and meeting place for many locals and enjoy a walk to the harbor. Do not miss the iconic source channels, point securities celebrations of Barcelona F.C. You have three stops in the city's most popular, or La Boqueria market, Royal Square, and the Gran Teatro del Liceu, you can visit the reception and see the new model building after its reconstruction. At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to witness street performances and human statues that move to the rhythm of the money received by the public.

From Plaza Catalunya to Columbus Statue

2. The Central University Library
The library of the University of Barcelona is one of the city's gems you can visit for free during the school year. Over 500 year history of Central University is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country and its library, one of the largest in Spain, with more than one and a half million volumes, is a must if what interests you is a bit of culture and knowledge. Located in University Square, its iconic building enjoys a prime location, between shopping centers and areas of tourist interest.

The Central University Library

3. Church Santa Maria del Mar.
The Santa Maria del Mar is one of the great jewels of Catalan Gothic architecture (Piazza Santa Maria). Inside you can admire the sober Gothic style place, the height of its strong pillars and the vivid colors of the keys of the vault arches. It is embedded between the Born neighborhood streets, so you do not miss the opportunity to stroll through this old quarter of trade and soak in the eighteenth century, walking the Paseo del Born and walking down the street Moncada, which were once the palaces of wealthy merchants and middle-class families of Barcelona. Be sure to also visit the El Born, a market that in its expansion found Roman ruins and now turned into a museum, and it does not pay to enter.

Church Santa Maria del Mar

4. Barceloneta Hotel Vela e o
Take a refreshing break in one of the most emblematic districts of Barcelona: Barceloneta. You can stroll through its narrow streets and charming, and sunbathe on one of the most famous beaches in the country (do not expect crystal clear waters and tranquility) in the Mediterranean Sea for almost every day of the year, although winter is just right for the strongest. Another option is to walk along the beach of Barceloneta, the end of the tour go to the 26th floor of the W Hotel, where the bar Eclipse, from 19h, you can enjoy a fabulous view of Barcelona and its coastline, but from a new perspective, with DJ or stay at the pool bar for a drink.

Barceloneta Hotel Vela e o

5. Barcelona's cathedral
Barcelona Cathedral and its cloister is one of the essential views of the city. It is a cross-shaped basilica, passing by the Romanesque and Gothic styles, completed its construction in the nineteenth century, when its facade was completed in neo-Gothic style. This architectural highlight of the chair, the crypt of Santa Eulalia (the former patron of the city), and cloister. This is an extraordinary gothic courtyard open to visitors all year round and guarded by 13 geese, in ancient times they had a mission to warn of the presence of strangers. The Cathedral is free for visits only on Monday to Saturday mornings from 8am to 12:45 (Sundays and holidays 08:00 – 13:45) e 17.15 a 19.30.

Barcelona's cathedral

6. Night of Museums
One of the most special nights and charming city is the Night of Museums. If your stay in Barcelona coincides with that date is your chance to spend a cultural evening. The best museums of the city and the metropolitan area are open 19:00-01:00 to provide guided tours, exhibitions, workshops, concerts and activities for the whole family. And all this without paying a single euro. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the MNAC, Montjuic Castle, Picasso museum or egg Miró Foundation, among many others. You will appreciate the art under the spell of the night.
If not in town that day is the need to buy tickets for museums, click here to buy.

Night of Museums

7. The Tour de Gràcia
The stroll through Gràcia ride is one of the most glamorous streets of Barcelona, not only for its fashion boutiques, but also by the architecture of buildings known as “bone of contention” (Gràcia ride between Consell de Cent Street and Street Aragon). In a few square meters are three of the most beautiful buildings modernist Catalan: Leon Morera home, almond and Casa Batllo, which are the fruit of competition and professional architects and bourgeoisie rivalries, struggling to boast the most beautiful residence. A few steps away, you will find one of the masterpieces of modernism worldwide, a Casa Mila, also known as The stone. This building is out of all molds of the early twentieth century architecture and today. All these architectural gems are inside the Barcelona Modernism Route. The visit is paid (Click here to buy tickets for Casa Batllo or to Casa Mila), but faixadas are very beautiful spots also.

The Tour de Gràcia

8. The Holy Family
If there is a symbol of Barcelona that exceeds the fame of the city itself, this is the building Antonio Gaudi Sagrada Familia. Although the entrance is paid, with a walk around the basilica you will understand its spectacular proportions closer and understand the great expression of shapes and colors of their facades. Birth entry leaves no one indifferent and Passion facade with the expressiveness of its forms and geometries shudders all visitors. You can not come to Barcelona and not walk through the outskirts of Basilica Sagrada Familia, the major attraction of the city. And stay tuned, because at least once a year, they open days where you can visit for free. If not then you will be here, click here to buy the ticket.

The Holy Family

The Holy Family

9. Popular festivals of Barcelona neighborhoods
How good Mediterranean city, Barcelona (e, especially, their neighborhoods) live intensely popular festivals. During the summer, most areas of the city celebrate their festivities. Everything is full of color and neighbors take to the streets to participate in group dinners, shows and contests. The Gràcia Festival in mid-August is one of the most famous and popular. Some people work many months to compete for your street has the most spectacular decoration of all. Best of all is that the shows and the fun will not cost you a dime, only the food and bebias.

10. Montjuïc and Olympic Park
The mountain of Montjuïc hosts some of the most famous buildings in the Olympic Park, the epicenter of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Stadium Lluis Companys, which happened in athletics 1992 and you can see the pyre that burned with an arrow. While in the area of ​​the Palau Sant Jordi, you will see the spectacular rounded forms of this multi-sports area in the shadow of Tower. The mountain of Montjuic is also known for its fantastic museums, parks and color sources that host the spectacle of the magic fountain, that closes the celebrations of Mercy Feast, patroness of the city. The magic fountain offers in high season (April-October) choreography of light, cor, water and farm music to Sunday, the 21 at 23:30. Go early to catch their place!
Montjuïc and Olympic Park

Montjuïc and Olympic Park

Montjuïc and Olympic Park
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