10 Estações de Esquí da Catalunha, na Espanha

10 Ski stations of Catalonia, in Spain

February 6, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

One of the things we like most is to see the snow, in Spain there are several Ski stations, and here near our home (Barcelona), Catalonia there is at least one 10 seasons, see below for list. Some of them are very easy to access, La Molina as it is possible to go by train to the station, is more or less 2:30 a.m. train leaving Barcelona.

1. La Molina
Cable cars:
4 cable cars, 8 chairs, 1 cable and 3 dunnage
maximum altitude and minimum: 2445 and 1700m
Number of tracks: 52 tracks in total

• 13 verdes
• 16 blue
• 16 red
• 7 black

kilometers skiable: 61 km.
It is a very cozy ski station, one of the most famous of Catalonia. La Molina was the official host of the World Snowboard Championships 2011. Além do skiing, in subject areas you can practice Snowboard, FreeStyle, other day we read an article from the Spanish newspaper El Pais, they begin to have other types of sports like walking in the snow with "rackets" tree climbing and tiroleza.


2. Baqueira Beret
Cable cars:
1 gondola, 20 chairs, 5 lifts and 3 dunnage
maximum altitude and minimum: 2.510 e 1.500m
Number of tracks: 72 tracks in total

• 3 verdes
• 38 blue
• 25 red
• 6 black
• 1 background

skiable kilometers: 120 km of skiing and snowboarding. This ski station is the second center in kilometers skiable Spain. It has large width, open slopes, generally occupying a small part of the ski length, in the rainy season and abundant low temperature that guarantee great snow depths. Some of its illustrious visitors are the Kings of Spain.


3. Port del Compte
Cable cars:
1 Cableway, 5 chairs, 8 e skilift 2 tapes
maximum altitude and minimum: 2.400 e 1.700m
Number of tracks: 36 tracks in total

• 7 verdes
• 11 blue
• 13 red
• 5 black

kilometers skiable: 42 km.

It is the nearest station of Barcelona with ski 50 km of tracks, nature, adventure, hiking, mountain bike, paragliding, snowshoeing, archery … Port del Comte is one of the most charming landscapes of the Pyrenees. It is the time of those who want to escape the maddening crowd of sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy the tracks in forest environments.

Port del Comte you will find a space for family snow activities, tubbies, glis charges, toboggan, climbing wall and adventure park. Besides that, get you going without withholding or tolls.


4. Masella
Cable cars:
5 chairlifts, 7 cable cars, 1 rope and 4 dunnage
maximum altitude and minimum: 2.535 e 1.600 m
Number of tracks: 62 tracks in total

• 9 verdes
• 23 blue
• 22 red
• 8 black

skiable: 72 km.

5. Port Aine
Cable cars: 6 and lifts 3
maximum and minimum: 2.440 and 1.650m
Number of tracks: 25 tracks in total

• 6 verdes
• 4 blue
• 11 red
• 4 black

kilometers skiable: 24,8 km.

Port-Aine is located in the area of ​​influence of the municipality of Rialp, the massive Orri and the splendid natural setting that offers the region culd, we Pyrenees. Its privileged situation in the Pic de l'Orri (2.440m), with 95% the slopes oriented north side, It allows you to enjoy a favorable microclimate especially in seasons with little snow and an excellent quality of snow from December to April; For many, It is considered the ski resort with the best snow in the Pyrenees.


6. Vallter
maximum and minimum: 2.535 it is 1.910m
Number of tracks: 12 tracks in total

• 2 verdes
• 4 blue
• 4 red
• 2 black

kilometers skiable: 14 km.

almost 35 years as a ski station, Vallter 2000 It is on a circle of glacial (Círculo de Morens – Ull de Ter) in the easternmost area of ​​the Pyrenees, the Ripollès and within the municipality of Setcases. Surrounded by peaks, some of them up 2.800 meters, the base station is located 2.000 meters above the river Ter valley.

Its privileged location allows us to contemplate a unique and exceptional panorama. 2.535 m da Baía de Roses and Cap de Creus (Costa Brava) It can be seen.


7. Boi Taull
Cable cars: 9 and lifts 6
maximum and minimum: 2.751 and 2.020m
Number of tracks: 50 tracks in total

• 6 verdes
• 8 blue
• 27 red
• 9 black

kilometers skiable: 46 km.

Located in the Pyrenees, The ski resort of Boi Taull Resort offers skiers everything you need to enjoy your favorite sport at the highest level. With the highest peaks of the Pyrenees (2.751m. High and 2.020m high. The lowest level) has a privileged position facing north.

The station offers a complete ski, no queues or crowds, allowing you to enjoy your favorite sport at the highest level, making it a unique experience. Besides that, you will find one of the most complete snowparks of Pireneos, where you will find a million new experiences.


8. Nuria Valley
Cable cars: 2 skilifts 1 chair and a gondola
maximum altitude and minimum: 2.252 e 1.964m
Number of tracks: 10 tracks in total
• 2 verdes
• 4 blue
• 2 red
• 2 black
kilometers skiable: 27,41 km.
This small ski resort allows snowboarding and skiing throughout the season. The only way to get there is train.

9. Tavascan
Cable cars: 1 lift and 1 chair lift
maximum altitude and minimum: 2.250 e 1.750m
Number of tracks: 5 tracks in total
• 1 verdes
• 4 red
kilometers skiable: 6 km.
A family ski station with a high mountain environment, where practitioners of alpine skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing and hiking and the most demanding skiers, can enjoy a small station with steep slopes.

10. skiing Spot
Cable cars: 2 chairlifts, 4 and lifts 2 tapes
maximum altitude and minimum: 2.500 e 1.500 m
Number of tracks: 32 tracks in total
• 4 verdes
• 11 blue
• 11 red
• 5 black
kilometers skiable: 37 e km 12 km alpine background
Espot Esquí is a ski resort with a long length of trails and a very careful design; a new wing was established with thematic areas, because every skier finds his own space to practice
multiple activities.
Alpine skiing, Nordic Ski, snowboard, cross country skiing, mountain e freeride, rackets, snowmobile trips, sleds circuits sledding, etc.
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