100 anos depois, a volta dos Gutierrez para a Europa

100 years later, the return of Gutierrez to Europe

April 20, 2015 1 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

As already noted in other posts in the TurMundial 2015 It has a new home in Ireland.

This change happens coincidentally after nearly 100 years, Gutierrez that the first of my family arrived in Brazil, from Spain, fleeing a war / fight with the King of Spain, they arrived in ship 1921.

My grandfather Antonio Lopez Gutierrez, It came with only small 8 years, among his brothers and my great-grandparents Gumersindo Rodriguez Emilio Gutierrez and Antonia Lopez Gutierrez, Santos came in and went to live in Piracicaba in São Paulo.

In Spain they lived in a town called Pullianillas, close to Granada, where my great-grandfathers produced sugar from sugar beet.

And now after this almost 100 past years, I and Pri, also since we got married also have the surname Gutierrez, we are returning to Europe and ship, only this time the cruise ship much better than the ships of that era!!

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