2ª parte do roteiro por Malta – O que fazer em 7 dias?

2Th part of the script by Malta – Attractions 7 days?

March 29, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Continuing the roadmap for Malta, today we bring you the second part of our journey through this wonderful country.

4Th day woke up early and went to one of the five Islands Malta how the country, a Gozo Island, to go there took a ferry with our car we rented and went to meet.

The first stop was the medieval city of Citadel Victoria, a beautiful small fortified city each Gozo Island attractions, the city tour lasts more or less one hour, and you can know everything.

Cittadella Victoria

Muralha da Cittadella Victoria

Ta’ Pinu It is a sanctuary church in the middle of nowhere on a road, but it's huge, there are some panels on the life of Jesus Christ, even those who do not like church have to go there because it is very beautiful and do not have to stay long that way.

Ta' Pinu é um santuário igreja

After there we went to where he was one of the most famous monuments in Malta but which collapsed recently, in March 2017 O Azure Window, you can still see the stones that formed the window on the sea, it collapsed because of a strong storm that came with big waves and tore down this wonder of nature.

Azure Window

Azure Window

But right next door there is another very beautiful attraction the Blue Hole, a hole in the middle of full of sea water nothing comes to a cave hole that connects the Mediterranean, many dive practitioners travel there only to plunge this region Malta, is very beautiful.

Blue Hole

That day left to eat at a restaurant, because on the other days we were taking tidbits for the day, always we take a snack to eat on the charts beaches, but that day we went to The Stone Crab to try the local food, the restaurant was indicated by a dear reader of our blog and that gave us this and many other great tips Country. The restaurant is very good but we thought it would be better, We may make mistakes in choosing the dish, we should have asked for the typical dish of the country that is made with rabbit meat. The side of the restaurant has a beautiful trail to a cave with a beautiful view, vale a pena.

A gente no restaurante The Stone Crab

Prato do restaurante The Stone Crab

Continuing the 4th day, we went to one of the most beautiful places in Malta o Wied il-Ghasri, a kind of canyon with sea water in the middle that made room among the rocks and reach a small shingle beach, a wonderful place, one that is hard to describe but the picture shows a little of the beauty there.

Wied il-Għasri, uma espécie de cânion

On the second tour we pass by Salt Pans, which are sea salt farms, that day had a place we wanted to know which is a cave overlooking a beach and said to us that the place called Calypso Cave, and Google Maps had this place, but when we got there the cave was closed a few years ago, we find strange, because we saw some pictures of this place, then we found out that we went to the wrong place and the cave we wanted to visit was on the other side of the beach Ramla Bay Beach which is between the two caves, the one that is open and seems to be beautiful is the Of Mixta Cave. But the Calypso Cave has a gazebo with a beautiful view of the beach.

Calypso Cave vista da praia Ramla Bay Beach

As we didn't find the cave, we went to the beach of Ramla Bay Beach, also known as Red Sand Beach, due to reddish sand, with some land in the region. The beach is very beautiful and large with a good infrastructure of bars that others have not.

praia de Ramla Bay Beach

The night came and on the way back to take the ferry we saw the wonderful medieval city Citadella, Victoria illuminated.

5First day we went to visit the capital of Malta, Valletta during the day spent a good part of the morning and early afternoon there and write a post only on the medieval town of Valletta.






This was another day we had lunch in a beautiful restaurant, also indicated by a reader Blog, the restaurant Surfside, that in addition to the restaurant is also a club type, a ballad and has a fantastic view, with a good price, great place for lunch or dinner and in front of the restaurant has an ancient natural pools built on the rock, made by the Romans many years ago and in this restaurant also has a Jacuzzis facing the sea that customers can also use. Surfside is located in the town of Sliema, one of the major cities with a large concentration of hotels.

restaurante Surfside

After lunch we went to visit another medieval town Mdina, which is located in the middle of the main island of Malta the same name Island. As a place with so many stories and sights to see in Mdina, also did a post about about medieval city of Mdina.


6First day we chose this day just to meet Malta beaches, visited more than six beaches starting with hives Bay a beach of difficult access, to get there is to go through a micro driveway with stone wall on both sides of the car, but this is not the problem, but the space you have between the car and the walls on each side, should remain a 10 centimeters on each side, swear, It gives the picture to get a sense of how the road, the beach is deserted and, and for being so it is a nude beach, and beautiful.

Praia de Imgiebah Bay

Off shore we were surprised by nature and saw a cute chameleon walking on the trail we took to go to the beach, we love to see, was too, We had never seen.


Armier Bay Beach, a beautiful beach of fine white sand with the color of the sea almost equal to the Blue Lagoon.

Praia de Armier Bay Beach

Little Armier Beach, beach next to, with a larger infrastructure with restaurants, also very beautiful.

Praia de Little Armier Beach

Armier Beach, these three beaches are next to each other it is possible to know the three walk, we left the car at the first beach, that we had more time as an inexpensive bar with food and drink, the Palm Beach Resort bar and restaurant and the beach are awesome.

Praia de Armier Beach

Paradise Bay Beach, a beach on a shore, It is well ballad party in its bars, we were there for a short time, midafternoon no longer had the sun beating because of the shore cliffs.

Praia de Paradise Bay Beach

Mellieha Bay, a more urban and beach extension, with many anchored boats, It lies between two major cities of Malta, so it is very busy and many structures of bars and restaurants with some toys for children, but even if it is more urban is a beautiful beach.

Praia de Mellieha Bay

Praia de Mellieha Bay

That day was very tasty as well take advantage of each of the beaches we know.

The night after dinner we were again touring the sea and have a few beers in the same pub that had gone before, but as soon as we find a closed pub closer to the apartment, which only I had much older people and drinking their pints English, we saw that it was a good place to take a few more.

7First day and last , we take to become more quiet and we know the beaches and attractions Bugibba, also we made one post on Bugibba.

But here we do an overview of the city, where is the largest and most famous of the country ballad the Café del Mar of Malta, this ballad made famous for its incredible sunset in Ibiza, and Malta also made a beautiful place with a ballad with an infinity swimming pool open during the day and night, during the day it is like a club to sunbathe, bathe in the pool and eat, but as everything has a price… but it is not as expensive as we thought, but it's not cheap. In many cities as Buggiba, Sliema e St. Julian has several clubs with private pools.

Café del Mar de Malta

Café del Mar de Malta

The only beach in town is the Qawra Point Beach, a stone beach, with natural pools when the sea is not angry they are really cool, but we went on was closed because of the rough sea.

Praia de Qawra Point Beach

Piscina natural da praia de Qawra Point Beach

Although a beach the place is very beautiful stones, and the sea helps a lot in the scenario it is very blue and clear, next to the pools has a protected part of the waves and is very tasty, we stood there enjoying the day, we also ate there in a very cheap and tasty bar called Champion Ice Cream Kiosk.

Ali's side has Malta National Aquarium, but only passed in front because our footprint was enjoying the beach and the sun, but it is a good option for those with children.

Aquário Nacional de Malta

As our flight was at night we returned to the Golden Beach, one of the beaches we visited on the first day, for there the sun beats later, and as already mentioned there is the sunset at sea.

Pôr do Sol na praia de Golden Beach

This was our screenplay by Malta – Attractions 7 days, I hope you enjoyed it and help with your planning if you are going to take a trip there..

See the first part of our screenplay by Malta.

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