20 melhores praias da Espanha

20 best beaches in Spain

September 14, 2016 2 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Playa de la Barrosa, Cádiz, Andalusia

golden sand, clear waters and a fascinating historic setting. A unique combination that makes the Barrosa beach in one of the improvements beaches in Spain. His busy avenue and bars, shops and restaurants. Visiting the beach do not forget to bring the camera: photo provided Torre Bermeja and Torre del Puerco is irresistible.
Praias da Espanha - Cadiz Praia enlameada

Playa del Silencio, Asturias

A mystical silence surrounds the beach who want to learn to ride through spectacular scenery, listening to the wind beating on the cliffs. Its area of about 500 meters, within walking distance of your beach and sand and gravel, It supports its simple and robust character. Indeed, the characteristics of the typical beaches unmarked covering the covers of magazines that offer the highest number of tourist destinations, but that is exactly what makes it unique. Ideal to enjoy the solitude, silence and get lost in contemplation of his visit points. Maybe that's why it's one of the best Spanish beaches, do not you think?

melhores praias da espanha - Asturias praia tranquila

Spoon beaches, Valence, Valencia Enviable.

So, you could set Cullera offers wonderful beaches and became one of the most popular Valencia. The San Antonio and Racó are probably the most popular, but also highlights the extremely spacious and quiet Escollera. And for lovers of water sports, the recommendation is to go to Cap Blanc or diving in Playa del Faro. Now, if you are looking to find a more alternative lifestyle you should know that the beaches of Sant Llorenc and Marenypassaram practice naturism.

Playa de Cullera Valencia

Almonte beaches, Andaluzia Huelva

Among all the beaches of Almonte, Matalascañas Beach, continues to Mazagon and over 4 km in length, It is one of the city's acclaimed. And in it there is no room for all. On the one hand, It has a built area, with leisure facilities and hotels. But as we move away from the core, It appears the most pristine beaches that entice the most romantic with its white sandy fine-grained. As if that were not enough, It is the only beach that has to walk to get to the Donana National Park and is famous for characterizing the Torre de la Higuera. For all this and much more has won one of the best beaches in Spain.

playa de almonte huelva

Itzurun Beach, Zumaya, Basque country
If somewhere in the passage of time and erosion have created a magical place, this is definitely the beach Itzurun. In this corner, dominated by sober hermitage of San Telmo, the shock of the stone against the sea and the peculiarity of its geological forms that created a unique setting, where beyond the waves the waters are crystal clear. Its waters have beneficial properties for health, due to its high iodine concentration.

playa de itzurun zumaya

Tabarca beaches, Alicante, Valencia

It's not just go to one of best beaches in Spain. Ask yourself Tabarca worth as an experiment. This small archipelago is a boat ride away time, a pleasant walk where you can enjoy an incredible view. Once you are in Tabarca, you have the possibility to know the coves and beaches, swimming in its azure waters and explore its picturesque harbor. As a final touch attend a traditional tasting: try the cauldron Tabarquino and be seduced by its marine flavors.

playa tabarca alicante

Cala Turqueta, Minorca

The Cala Turqueta is one of the favorite beaches among residents of Menorca and when you visit you will understand why. turquoise water, deep blue and virgin land out of the pine forest. However, the same landscapes are so famous that is usually packed with people. Therefore, Cala Turqueta recommend visiting in the morning (so you will ensure the on-site parking which is only 10 minutes).

cala turqueta menorca

Beaches in Laredo, Cantabria

The Cantabrian city of Laredo has a total of about 8400M sand beaches mainly distributed between Save, and the Puntal Regaton. One of the most popular and spectacular is that Save, manner with its shell, its fine sand and calm waters ideal cozy place to spend a family day. But, the same Laredo is his alter ego, Calla Lily Aila that only has about 450 meters and the rock type. Vertex strong winds and high waves, It can only be accessed at low tide.

playas de laredo cantabria

Cofete beach, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Not only is the stunning beach with its over 12 km long which creates beautiful contrast with the mountain range of Jandía, but the city of Cofete has a lot of attractions. To name a few is called Roque del Moro, a huge monolith protruding from the sea, popularly known as rock or “Islote”, which has the peculiarity that when low tide form, is one of the most sought-after bays between bathers. With all these singularities is not surprising that it is considered one of best beaches in Spain.
playa de cofete fuerteventura

Torrevieja, Alicante

Among the many beaches Torrevieja, highlights Mata beach, which is the longest and has a great avenue. They surround numerous shops, Restaurants and bars, making it a good choice for combining a beach day, with a night out. Nature lovers also have their fun guaranteed share, because in the vicinity of the natural park of the Forest lakes where you can make nice trips, as the lagoon of Torrevieja with its characteristic pink hue. An ideal combination if you are a restless person, as well as take a dip at the beach, you enjoy hiking.

playa de torrevieja alicante

Tossa de Mar, Girona

We could define Tossa de Mar as a freak of nature. Impossible to get rid of your spell. Daytime, it is a pleasure to bathe in its clear waters and explore its beautiful trails full of aromas and views to reach a rapt as spectacular as the coves of Cala Bona. But it is also highly recommended to know your castle and end the tour admiring the beautiful sculpture dedicated to Ava Gardner. At night you can enjoy the charm of the fishing village that offers a long kitchen and corners where Oceanside infarction.

playa de tossa de mar girona

Playa de Carnota, Galicia

If your idea is to spend a weekend in a dream, this could be your destination. Carnota Beach offers a perfect condition, more of 7 km in length and over 500 meters wide at low tide. Maybe its charm to its rolling dunes or wetlands, including hundreds of species of birds and all kinds of native flora are sheltered. What is certain is its sunset, worthy to be experienced during the most romantic evenings.

Playa de Carnota Galicia

Beaches in Ribadesella, Asturias

All Ribadesella beaches are spectacular and, especially, which is Playa de Vega for its vast expanse, its rugged and beautiful nature of the Asturian coast views. But beyond this beach with Entrepeñas Gorge, Natural Monument is Vega, and there are precious botanical species like the Golden mosquitoes, plant that can only be seen at this location.

playa de Ribadesella Asturias

Playas de Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

If you have traveled to Fuerteventura, you can not miss the great beaches you will find in the natural park of Corralejo dunes, one of the jewels of this paradise. As expected the dream of every tourist, its waters are so well cared for that you can see the bottom of the sea and the sand is fine and white. If you are a lover of water sports, your destination is the beach of El Medano which has a school Kitesurf e Windsurf.

playa de Corralejo Fuerteventura

The pits, Gran Canaria

365 days a year. Thanks to the climate of the region, Praia de Las Canteras “never date” and swimmers flock to it, either in spring, summer, fall or winter. It has several certificates, including the classic Blue Flag awarded by the European Union and the quality Q. As a curiosity, you should know that your bank runs parallel to what is known as The bar, a rock formation that protects the beach from the tides. In fact the name comes from the use Las Canteras came this curious formation.

playa las Canteras Gran Canaria

San Juan Beach, Alicante, Valencia

The beach of San Juan is fantastic to take a Sunday sunbathing on the fine sands and cool in its salty waters, to finish with a good paella in some of his most acclaimed restaurants, Blue Beach Restaurant as exactly known for its rice and seafood. But if you want a more sophisticated plan you can approach the golf course Alicante Golf, what's next.

playa de San Juan Alicante

Arenales del Sol, Elche, Alicante, Valencia

Virtually untouched until the years 60 twentieth century, Arenales del Sol suffered urban development stakes of the century. Today is one of the ideal destinations for family tourism. Perfect for surfing and other water activities, about 3 km area, a zone of protected dunes and a rich seabed Arenales del Sol is one of the areas most loved Alicantinas.

Playa de Arenales del Sol Elche

White beach, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

He has a lot to offer visitors of the village of Playa Blanca. Large hotels and restaurants, entertainment, fun and great weather. But nothing comparable to one of the little known treasures of Lanzarote. Away from the tourist center of Playa Blanca find the natural pools formed by volcanic magma on Los Charcones, They are a haven of relaxation and despite its difficult access, Los Charcones the reward is guaranteed.

playa Blanca Lanzarote

Torimbia, Asturias, Asturias

beautiful, wild and always very good u heavenly place to enjoy nature these are just some of the comments that awakens Torimbia beach in social networks. Because of its isolation makes it an ideal place for nude though this is not its exclusive use. Its rugged landscape and cliff 50 meters that closes one of the best beaches in Spain.

playa de Torimbia Asturias

Cadaqués, Costa Brava, Girona, Catalonia

For its ground inimitable Cadaqués Bay and Cape Creus Natural Park they have one of the most beautiful beaches of Spain. If you are looking for variety Cadaqués has a range of up to 37 different beaches, depending on your geographic location. Rocky difficult access, with bars and restaurants, or water activities, its constant are beauty and quality of its waters. If you want to be alone, anchored in one of the coves exclusive access by sea. It's a luxury available to few.

playa de Cadaques Costa Brava Girona

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