29 Dias no Roteiro pelo Sudeste Asiático

29 Days in the Road Map for Southeast Asia

November 11, 2014 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

We decided to do this trip because we would like to get to know the amazing Thailand, and we had seen some friends who had gone there, else thought was that to make a trip type these, You have to do is done while not small children

Based on this target we started thinking what cities and countries could visit and enjoy, then we have seen that to go there you need to make a stopover in Europe or the Middle East, as we know Europe more, so we decided to put the connection with a stop to see the city Dubai, in the UAE. So the first stop was there, being there took the opportunity to know the capital of the Emirates Abu Dabhi, it already had 3 cities.

It is good to warn, than to go to the United Arab Emirates, Brazilians need to have an entry visa,detail for each entry in the country, in our case were two entrances, the visa to our surprise is not achieved by the consulate, but the sponsors they call, that is next to the hotel you will be, is if this hotel is not registered to get visas, you will have to look for a specialized agency of it and it will take for you, or by Emirates Airlines, if you go by Emirates makes it much easier, they do everything for you. The cost for each Pri had seen was a little high, I turn to 150 dollars each entry, if you happen to have European citizenship (see the benefits of having a citizenship and how to get) which is my case, you do not need a visa.

Deciding that we begin to see what other stops would, Then came the idea of going to Bali e Singapore, and at this hour already put in the script.

Thailand wanted to know beyond the capital Bangkok, We wanted to go to the Ilhas Phi Phi, where is the famous beach of Maya Bay (the movie "The Beach"), But to go there was to go through Phuket your Krabi, we chose to Phuket excellent choice.

Still we would like to have gone to Vietnam and Cambodia, But the city in Vietnam was we wanted to go out of hand and would take too long, then we took our script this trip, We began to search also for Cambodia and saw that the time was too short, because of the time, lost many hours and days, then again we decided to withdraw the country.

So we created the Southeast Asia script below, very worth it and loved it all:

Dubai, 2 days;


Singapore, 4 days;


Bali, 6 days;


Phuket, 4 days;


Phi Phi, 4 days;

Phi Phi

Bangkok, 4 days;


Dubai, 4 days;


Abu Dhabi, 1 day.

Abu Dhabi