3 melhores restaurante de Santiago, Chile

3 best restaurant in Santiago, Chile

December 3, 2014 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

When we went to Santiago, capital do Chile and prior to Buenos Aires to celebrate our 1 year of marriage (2012), we wanted as well as enjoy the wonderful walks, we wanted to eat at really nice restaurants (for there the food is great and cheap), We follow some tips for restaurants, that our friends were and had dinner at 3 fantastic restaurants and what had were not expensive:

Like Water for Chocolate This for us was the best restaurant in Santiago, its aphrodisiac cuisine, based on ingredients with seafood, chocolate, Apple, avocado, garlic and cheese, in a Mediterranean-Mexican menu there is everything you can imagine.

We ordered a dish that had seafood with cheese, wonderful, today remember that food wonder.

Like Water for Chocolate

The restaurant is located in a bohemian neighborhood in Constitucion Street, 88, this street there are many restaurants and great bars.

Like Water for Chocolate

In addition to great food, the atmosphere of the restaurant is very beautiful, great decor.

The restaurant is much sought, so it's good to make reservations on their website http://comoaguaparachocolate.cl/

Here's Coco Despite the funny name, Coco is the owner's name and Chef's Restaurant.

Here's Coco

This restaurant is very good, specializing in seafood, fish and shellfish, considered by many, as one of the best restaurants in Santiago, has a huge wine cellar with more than 5 thousand bottles.

Here's Coco

The place has caught fire that destroyed all, but it was again rebuilt in the same place and from what we saw, We never met before, but it was beautiful. We ate on the terrace which was beautiful.

Here's Coco - Santiago

Be sure to ask foods like seafood, oysters, Cameroon, Crawfish and lox.

Here's Coco

Same as Like Water for Chocolate, Here is the Coco is good also make a reservation to prevent, do at their website http://www.aquiestacoco.cl/ , Street address is the Conception, 236.

Revolving Restaurant Santiago

This restaurant is most famous for sight and as the name implies, it turns. The food in the restaurant is modern international, It has a large specialty, the food is very good, but not surprising as others who were.

restaurante giratorio santiago

Or that really worth, It is the view of the city, O revolving restaurant Santiago It sits on top of a building, and turns 360, hard one full turn around 1 hour, It is slowly and you do not feel, there is no problem turning and eat, you will not feel sick, it's just funny when you go to the bathroom is downstairs and when you come back, your table is in different place lol.

Revolving restaurant

Revolving Restaurant Santiago

These three restaurants is the one who has a piano bar and live music.
Best restaurant in Chile

O Revolving Restaurant Santiago is at Avenida 11 of September, 2250 their website is http://www.giratorio.cl/

Best restaurant in Santiago

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