5 Aplicativos que te ajudam no planejamento e durante a viagem de Motorhome

5 Applications that help you in planning and during the journey Motorhome

March 1, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Today in the series about Motorhome, talk of Apps that help you plan your trip Motorhome and during it, since it is very important to know where to park, where sleep, where to put water in the tanks, which empty the dirty water tank and bathroom waste.


Launched in January 2011, the Park4night is a French source platform very similar to Firgovw.org that has a mobile app for iOS devices, Android e Windows Phone. Like the previous, it allows you to locate service areas for motorhomes and places to camp without registration, although if you want to add one of these points, It is already necessary to create a profile.

Consultation offline is another feature Park4night, but it is only available to Pro users, which is accessed with a subscription 1,99 euros per month or 9,99 euros per year. This edition also allows paid search routes between two specific points.

This is the application you use most on the trip and planning.

Perfect furgo

The Furgovw.org was born in February 2003 to share information in Spanish about itinerant tourism with caravans or motorhomes etc.. Among the data published, some of the most popular are the so-called perfect sites for operation, defined by the users as "places to sleep with the vehicle alone, without the possibility of complaints and, if possible, in a beautiful environment and places to visit. Now, all these locations can be found in mobile application furgo Perfectos, Available for iOS and Android.

There are two possibilities to find these sites in the application: go a map or type in search engine the name of a nearby city. When you click one of these locations, They are displayed detailed information about them: the exact coordinates, if free, the exact price if they are paid, places of interest nearby, the leisure activities that are offered. They offer around (windsurfing, kitesurf, hiking, visit a nature park …). Everything is accessible without registration, although if you want to add a new site that has not been shared in the application, you must identify it by creating a profile.

Besides furgoperfectos site, this application, you can locate areas where camping is allowed, plus parking. Total, there are over 5.700 points, mainly in Europe, it is also possible to consult offline, after downloading at a local connection with device.


It is very important to note the time it will make when planning the tour with motorhome. There are many applications for weather forecasting, but this option much like to be able to see how the weather will be in Spain and the rest of the world.


Waze is the largest traffic and application based navigation in the world community. Get access to drivers in their region to share traffic information in real time and roads to save time, spend fuel and improve the daily commute.

Google Maps

An essential app on our phone and not only for use in our motorhome travel, but in everything. It is the quintessential assist map. We can use it as a GPS, even lowering our routes previously not to consume data and also informs us about the state of the road. We use very.

Plan your trip

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