A Cidade das Vinícolas de Cavas, Sant Sadurni D´Anoia

The City of Cavas Wineries, Sant Sadurni Anoia

December 19, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

As we said in another post about Cava, It is a sparkling wine from Spain, and the town of Sant Sadurni d'anoia is a city that has several wineries wines and Cavas, are tens.

This town is very close to Barcelona, us 45 minutes by train, to go there is better to buy the metro ticket 10 units for 3 areas, because the city is in the zone 3 the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, the train can be picked up at the stations Catalunya or Sants.


I had gone there in a tour to visit the factory of Freixenet, Pri did not know the city yet, many people go to this factory, Cava because this is one of the most famous of Spain, in Brazil are sold at an expensive price 65 more real or the bottle, here in the supermarket costs about 4 euros, by the amazing plant that appears is more expensive ones 5 euros the cheapest bottle of cava them.

tour to visit the factory of Freixenet

Christian and Priscilla Gutierrez's TurMundial

There are several tours and excursions there, we did on our own, but if you want to see the packages click here.

This time we wanted to go in wineries that had a bar or a restaurant together, to be able to do a tasting so we chose to pass on Jaume Giro and Giro, na Codorniu and no restaurant El Mirador de las Cavas, and pass by the store Freixenet.

They are Saturni of Anoia

Just out of the train station with the same name of the city Sant Sadurni Anoia is manufactured from Freixenet, which rolls the tour of the winery, us as we said we were only in the store.

Sant Sadurni Anoia

since there, walking to the city center, It is a very fast 5 minutes, you will pass several stores of various wineries.

Sant Sadurni Anoia

Close to the city's cathedral is Jaume Giro and Giro, had never heard that besides the stores have a space for tasting and in this space you can barbecue, so even they rent the space for you to make your barbecue, are 2,50 euros for the space per person + a bottle of Cava per person ranging from 8 euros 20 euros, the Cavas you can drink or doing the grilling can then take home, that day we only know the place, the owner offered us free a tasting of Cava Brut Nature very good, one of the best we have already taken.

Jaume Giro and Giro

Cava Jaume Giro and Giro

After tasting the Jaume Giro and Giro, we were in the Winery Codorniu, which is a little further from the city center, most are ones 15 minutes walking, there they have breakfast (20 EUR per person) and a lunch inside the grape plantations (from 30 EUR per person), the two must be booked in advance.

Codorniu wine

Codorniu wine

And then we know our final destination was the Restaurante El Mirador de Les Caves.

The restaurant El Mirador de Les Caves, It is a little bit far from the city center, You have to go by car or taxi, it is in the middle of a road, from downtown to the restaurant are a 13 Taxi euros, the restaurant is at the top of a mountain with a beautiful view of the countryside, and even has a view of the mountains of Montserrat (see the post about Montserrat).

 El Mirador de Les Caves

 El Mirador de Les Caves

The restaurant food was excellent very very good even, we eat a entrecote with a accompaniments of onion empanada, peppers and such a great boniato, shame we did not take pictures. To go to the restaurant should also make reservation, because the place is always very crowded and is also event space.

The restaurant is cheap, entrecote two plates each 300g two further bottles were vena 50 euros.

We stayed there until dusk enjoying to drink more cava.

I Cava El Mirador de Les Caves


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