Albarracín, a cidade medieval mais bonita da Espanha

Albarracín, the most beautiful medieval city in Spain

March 24, 2019 10 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Albarracín He was recently elected by popular vote to most beautiful medieval city in Spain, and we know this award, we went there to visit and check Albarracín even deserve that title so important.

Albarracín It is located in the south of the Autonomous Community of Aragon in Spain, very close to Valencia and close to Barcelona, a tourist attraction that everyone should visit Spain, if you are traveling by car between Madrid and Valencia, or traveling from Madrid to Barcelona include this medieval city in your script, you will not regret.


We went to Albarracín on a trip we made for several pueblos (villages), one screenplay by Teruel Province, we left the car and visit Barcelona 7 cities, the main city was Albarracín.

The city got its super deserved award as it is with its walls, torres, churches and well-preserved super streets, besides being between a river and a mountain, the walls comes from the river to the mountain, somewhat resembles vaguely, the city of Dirty in Montenegro.

most beautiful medieval city in Spain

The city is surrounded by an imposing belt of walls ending in The castle of Andador, surrounded by generous nature Serra de Albarracín. Albarración was an ancient capital of a kingdom of Taifa (Arab kingdoms that invaded Spain and dominated the region for centuries and left an immense culture) It preserved its Islamic and medieval flavor, a mixture of two worlds with very architectural style.

The castle of Andador

The charm of Albarracín is above all in the layout of its streets adapted to the complicated topography of the land, it is on the hill. And the first thing that surprises people when it comes to the city, It is the imposing fortified wall that was built in three parts. O Alcázar e Tower Andador They are the tenth century. No século XI, the Taifa kings built the walls that surround the city suburb. Finally, after the Spanish reconquest, the kings of Aragon raised new wall stretches and most forts and towers that they are preserved.

 Alcázar and Torre del Andador

The city of Albarracín is a national monument since June 1961 e, in 1996 He received the gold medal for merit in fine arts. It has abundant monuments, like Church of Santa Maria, a Cathedral it's the Episcopal Palace. Without forgetting that in the Cultural Park of Albarracín, There are post-paleolítica art samples between 6.000 e 1.000 A.C, who also visited and saw petroglyphs.

Church of Santa Maria

Sierra found sources, springs, ponds and springs of rivers such as the Tajo, Guadalaviar, Cabriel and other rivers under, as a result found waterfalls, swimming pools, lagoons …

The river Guadalaviar, through the city, It is one of the best trout rivers in Spain. Thanks to the rainy climate of this area, there is a wide variety of mushrooms in autumn, but remember that it is important to collect only edible mushrooms, the hotel we stayed in had even written a guide on how to collect these mushrooms.

Attractions Albarracín and what are the sights?

We arrived in town and stopped the car in one of the parking lots that are out of town, are many, but finding a job was difficult, for tourism in this city increased very.

As soon as we arrived in town we went to wall of Albarracín, which is huge, we were at the highest point to see the city from above, It is a peaceful rise, from there you can see the whole city and its monuments.

One of the towers is preserved White Dona tower, one of guarding the cities.

The city also has the Municipal Museum, a very medieval and beautiful building, like all city ​​streets, get lost in them is an adventure, It is a more beautiful than the other.

A Cathedral Albarracín mixing styles, Arab, Roman and medieval Spanish, It is a charm.

O Castelo de Albarracín It is a big part in ruins, but we can visit, but the city is more beautiful on the outside even houses, castles, because their buildings are beautiful.

O rio Guadalaviar, It is in the base and has a park over there, we ran all over town, every song, different visions of walls, castle and churches, We love the city and stayed there a whole day, We were actually staying there to stay, but the hotel prices were quite expensive, as we try in the last minute, We stayed in Bezas.

as we speak, we spent the whole day there, We had lunch at a restaurant that does not remember the name, but the typical food of the region is stew and mushrooms, very good, and has several restaurants that are certainly good for the whole city, just do not leave for lunch too late, they close early, We stayed in town until evening to seeing all Albarracín Illuminated, a show, super worth worth.

Attractions Albarracín and what are the sights?

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