Alugar Motorhome na Espanha e na Europa

Motorhome hire in Spain and Europe

January 30, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

You are thinking of Motorhome travel by Europe? In today's post, the number of posts that will give tips on motorhomes, We talk about Motorhome hire in Spain and Europe.

For those who do not know, Europe is where most traveling in Motorhome, many Europeans have their own vehicle, all countries are safe to make a trip like this a lot of people have to dream, so it is good to read a lot about how the vehicle works, on signs and much more, so we are creating this series of posts, will be over 10.

What we have to know before you rent a motorhome in Spain and Europe?

Before renting need to know what Motorhome models, a difference between Motorhome and Trailer, what a Camper, which is a van / SUV adapted as a house, only without bathroom.

At the time of rent you have to check what is included in the rent, for example if it is included Linen, bath and kitchen utensils (as pots, plates, cutlery and glasses) because there are few companies that will have these items included in the rent, usually it's all part, but if you search you will find companies that rent with all included.

Another important thing to check is that you have to pay some internal and external cleaning fee, read good about what is included, we have seen companies and individuals who ask over 100 EUR part for cleaning only.

In time to take the motorhome, make sure you have risks, dents and other problems, and to identify with the person how the whole vehicle, where are the deposits of water and sewage, control panel and other items.

Which sites to rent Motorhome?

As there are many small and medium enterprises it is best to get a site search engines like Yescapa which is offering companies and individuals, another site is SocialCar, other good sites are: Motorhome Republic, Indie Campers e Auto Europe.

But seek the city that you will pick up the vehicle to check for local companies with cheaper prices. And make sure make the delivery of the motorhome somewhere, to charge for it, or you will have to get, usually these are companies or individuals outside the big cities.

Application which helps you in planning the trip and during the trip?

The application Park4Night your help in choosing places to go, park, in addition to showing pictures of the place, amount of vacancies, service areas and more.

Other most famous applications that help you are: O Waze e Google Maps who are like GPS.

The essential safe

Although rents are not as high as a decade ago, if you have a problem that needs to be corrected and the insurance does not cover the hired, it is very possible that the repair involves a significant outlay. After all, a motorhome is not only a car and the repairs are more expensive. Therefore, It is almost always a good idea to go well covered. Especially if it is the first time the wheel of a motorhome, when you still need to pay close attention to the length, height and width to know well the measure and have no incident.

What equipment includes?

Not all rentals include the same equipment; therefore, it is essential that you ask what the rent includes. The usual is that crockery, kitchen utensils, bedding and, sometimes, child seats are included in the price, but it never hurts to ask if also includes GPS, bottles, chains …

Refills and waste

Not that motorhomes require much maintenance, but you must know how to perform certain basic operations so that the trip does not become an ordeal. replenish water, recharge energy or gas and dispose of waste – on the right place – are operations that you will have to yes or yes. Therefore, if they do not explain the operation at the video store, you should ask.

Where sleep?

The advantage of the motorhome is that it offers unthinkable freedom than any other type of vehicle and, as a matter of fact, you can stop and sleep almost anywhere. But if you want to empty dirty water and sewage or refilling water and energy, You need an appropriate location (parking areas or camps).

Be careful with the speed

The Traffic General Regulation establishes a maximum speed of 90 km / h on conventional roads and 100 km / h on highways, data that is good to know to avoid fines. Now the rest of the roads, the speed for the motorhome is 80 km / h, except in the city, where the same limit is maintained for passenger cars, that is, 50 km / h.

turned, with caution

The length of a motorhome is much larger than a car; therefore, when cornering, you should try to separate about one meter from the walls, traffic signs, traffic lights or vehicles.

Tips for overtaking

The overtaking of a vehicle large volume and tonnage, is good to know that your volume acts as a shield against the side of the air mass, but, once exceeded, We received this mass once and must bear the wheel, ie avoid scares and enjoy your magnificent journey.

Buying or renting a motorhome in Europe?

It will depend a lot on how many days you have available to ride with him., if you have little time it is better to rent, now if you have more availability, it's better to buy, because the rent is not usually very cheap.

Plan your trip

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