Aluguel de carro entre particulares

Car rental private

September 7, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Have you heard of these new start-ups that have created a system for people to be able to private cars to rent from other people?

Private cars to rent

that's it, you can rent private car another person who does not always use the car, and you can also do the opposite, rent your car when you are not using.

Some people call these start-up companies that make private car rental, other call Airbnb (already commented here on the blog, It is a site for Rent, houses, apartments, or anything else to stay, there are people who rent to treehouse, ship, needle…) Of car.

Here in Europe the system has been around for longer and has several companies like SocialCar and the Drive, in Brazil the system is still being implemented, but already has some companies such as example PegCar, when we were in Brazil, last month, We use their services, and it was all great, We rented the car for 11 days, and it was almost 300 cheaper real that alugássemos with normal car rental.