Aluguel de Scooter elétrica em Barcelona

Electric Scooter rental in Barcelona

August 21, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Barcelona is a very modern city and technological, since March 2007, It was implemented this bike rental system in the streets, called Bicing Barcelona, only a few years later, in 2012 or 2013 We arrived this type of transport in Brazil, in Sao Paulo (Bike Sampa) and Rio de Janeiro (Rio Bike).

At that time, 2007, here also had garbage collection for the entire city, with exclusive dumpster for each item (one for glass, one for plastic,otra for cardboard and so on), and in some parts of the city already has a model that is all underground, and it does not happen only in Barcelona, It happens in the whole Spain, and our Brazil, unfortunately the garbage collection in the cities is something quite rare.

Here also already have rental car private for years, in Brazil only began last year.

Here there is also the hourly car rental, they are in many parts of the city, and it's all driven by APP.

Today let's talk about something amazing and we love to use, O Electric Scooter rental, imagine if you want to go to the beach for the weekend, from our house to the beach we like here in Barcelona, Bogatell, public transport took almost 1 hour, Scooter and less 30 minutes, out the freedom that the scooter is here, you can stop anywhere, It has several points in the city to rent, It's Wonderful.

The service we use is the E-Cooltra (also has other) too easy, you just need to install the APP (app) noncellular, register your personal data, driver, address and bank card.

Electric Scooter rental

The application has a map stating the places near you that has a scooter available, you book the nearest and has 15 minutes to get it.

Arriving at Scooter, with APP you open the helmet compartment, which all have two, puts the helmet, click on APP to start and is ready to drive.

Arriving at your destination, just open the back of the helmet compartment to store, and then just click to complete and ready. Saw that super simple?

The service is paid per minute, 0.24 euro cents, no need to put fuel, because all are electric, makes no noise the engine, it seems that neither is on, the first time I think we took was not connected yet lol.

As electric scooters They are only for walking around town, you can go to work, to the beach, friend's house, it is very cool.

This service already exists in cities like: Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Rome.

Once we started writing this post and before publishing, We saw another service equal to that with the company Yugo, which is cheaper than with the E-Cooltra, there paid 0,22 euro per minute and when you register wins 30 free minutes for his first lap, and they are not scooters are well wasps Italian style. Use promo code 9FV86N8C9D, and be able to earn more free minutes.


Maybe one of these days that service can come in Brazilian cities, it shall be official?

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