Amsterdam a capital europeia da loucura, onde drogas, sexo e bebidas

Amsterdam European capital of madness, where drugs, sex and drink

November 7, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Amsterdam European capital of madness, where drugs, Sex and drinks are the main attractions of the city, but it is a city that goes far beyond that.

We were over there in the fall, taking advantage of the cheap flights that time, because in Europe summer everything is more expensive, with many people on all attractions.

capital da holanda

we 5 days in Amsterdam and we will tell here where we were and what we did.

onde fica amsterdam

Amsterdam European capital of madness

Always before our travels, study the site that we, we read blogs, newspapers, and we talked with friends who have moved to the city, with this information we draw what we will do in the city and that day we will in every place, so we create a roadmap to follow, and we put this information in Google Maps, let each place we want to know with a star on the map of Google Maps, like the image below.

Things to Do in Amsterdam

Things to Do in Amsterdam and what are the main attractions of Amsterdam.

On the first day We arrived at night and did not give much to know the city, We arrived at Schiphol Airport and from there took a train to go to main station (Amsterdam Central) train in the heart of downtown, where the main attractions, from there we took a cable car, the city still has a lot to transport trolley.

what are the main attractions of Amsterdam

We stayed in an apartment on Airbnb Vijzelstraat 99HS street that is close to the city center, so it would be possible to do everything on foot, tonight we take to drink some Heineken, a bar near the apartment and went to sleep after, to be able to wake up early and enjoy the day.

Vijzelstraat 99HS

In the second day, in the morning we went right to the museum / house of Anne Frank Huis, who along with his family they were hidden from the Nazis in World War 2. They were hidden in this house, about two years, But someone denounced the hideout and the whole family (they, two sisters, parents and a family friend) and they were sent to the concentration camp, Anne Frank became famous for writing what was happening every day that were hidden from the Nazis, who published this story was his own father, the only one who survived the concentration camp. Because of all this history the museum has always queue, and they spoke to us we would have to stay a couple of hours in line to see the museum, and if you bought not anticipated by the site we could not get, but the entries were already exhausted site (here is the link to buy the ticket to the museum and still get a tour through the canals), luckily that day the queue was very quiet and entered the museum in less than 30 minutes, it may be that not be during the summer the line was better, so if you want to go in this place, is programmed well. The museum is kind of sad and shocking, but you have to visit.

Casa da Anne Frank House

Next to the museum is a beautiful church and outside the church has a small statue in honor of Anne Frank.

Museu da Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

Book Anne Frank Huis

After there we enjoy the city and its beautiful canals.

Amsterdam channels

The next stop was the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, the Palace is the famous and Square(Square), there beyond the palace, It is the wax museum Madame Tussauds it's the National Monument.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

and Square(Square)

Madame Tussauds

The Palace can be vistado, but was not in our plan to make a visit, then only we saw the facade.

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

The wax museum Madame Tussauds it is very cool, It is a smooth ride, only if you have visited any other Madame Tussauds not waste time visiting other, our case we had already been to see the London that is greater than the Amsterdam, so we do not even think of entering.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds

Following the ride, we walked through the center and through amazing places, such as building houses on the edges of the channels, has some that are up pies as in the photo below.

houses on the edges of the channels

We arrived at the sex museum, there are several in the city, It is a different kind of museum and funny, do not know, if that was the best we enter, his name is Fri museum, It is very close to the central station. It was cheap, but not a must, so if your time is short, do not waste time there.

sex museum

After the museum we headed towards the central station of Amsterdam which has a lovely facade.

In front of the station is Gray Line Amsterdam Canal Cruises, one of several companies that make the tour of the city's canals. Compre o ticket on-line

Gray Line Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Amsterdam boat tour

Next door is one of the most beautiful churches in Amsterdam, a Church of Saint Nicholas.

Church of Saint Nicholas

Church of Saint Nicholas

Turning right and going to the city center, you will be entering the famous Red Line, Red neighborhood where the homes to buy drugs such as marijuana, the famous dumplings marijuana and mushrooms, Moreover there are also the famous red windows of prostitutes, they are in a showcase like a dummy, there if someone wants something, you get close to them and have a little room behind that window, then they close the curtain and then you just go back to the window again, You can not take pictures of these windows, they are very brave.

Red Line Amsterdam

Walking towards the Red Line, you will pass by the statue of the great Bosshardt, an official Dutch Salvation Army. For many, he was the face of this denomination in the 2nd half of the twentieth century.

Red Line Amsterdam

Following, We passed in front of another museum about sex, O Erotic Museum, it seems that this museum is better than the other, but as we had gone on a, we were not that.

Erotic Museum

Already at nightfall, as in autumn and winter the days are shorter, the city becomes even more beautiful with the lights of cities and bridges, very worth strolling through the city's canals night.

On the 3rd day, the day was better with sun and blue sky, which it is very difficult to see, because Amsterdam has a time like London.

With the day so the photos look even more beautiful, then we took many pictures of the channels and their houses.

That day were part of town that is off-center to go first in Rijksmuseum one of the most famous museums of Amsterdam.


Meseu Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

In the famous Rijksmuseum is written I amsterdam, where everyone stops to take pictures, it is very difficult to take a photo where you will only be in the picture. We were able to take pictures alone one night, almost dawn.

I amsterdam

I amsterdam

I amsterdam

I amsterdam

In the winter in front of that place the government makes a skating rink, that on the day we spent was being built.


Continuing in this direction, We arrived at another super famous museum in Amsterdam, O Van Gogh Museum It is a museum that features the work of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries. A visit to the Van Gogh Museum is a unique experience. The museum contains the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh paintings in the world. A visit to the museum should take from 3 a 4 hours, is programmed to provide this time. Here you can buy the ticket online.

Van Gogh Museum

Alongside are the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Concertgebouw e o.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum

Ali close is the most famous park in Amsterdam, O Vondelpark, a great place to take a rest from the city tour, and enjoy the lakes and restaurants that is within the park.


parque Vondelpark Amsterdam

Parque Amsterdam Vondelpark

After the park we went to do the boat ride by Amsterdam channels, this tour is mandatory to all who go there, you will see all the major monuments from a different perspective, the ride lasts about 1h.

Amsterdam channels

Amsterdam channels

The canals of Amsterdam has many people who live on boats or house boats, There are all kinds, big, beautiful small, ugly. It must be really nice to live in a house like.


Returning to the mainland, we passed by Church Of Krijtberg Church and at the Amsterdam Dungeon,

Igreja The Chalk Mountain Church

That night we could only take pictures of people with the I Amsterdam.

I night Amsterdam

On the 4th day the sun appeared again to leave the beautiful day and more warm, that day we went to other places in town, the first place was the Museum Van Loon was very close to our apartment.

Museum Van Loon

A nearby square there was a lot of legal sculptures just do not remember which location of the sculptures nor the square, but it is close to the Opera Amsterdam (national Opera & Ballet), beautiful building on the banks of the canal city.

Opera Amsterdam

national Opera & Ballet

Next door is the Hermitage Amsterdam.

Hermitage Amsterda

Hermitage Amsterda

On this day the main destination was the Rembrandt House Museum, another famous Dutch painter and engraver. It is generally considered one of the biggest names in European art history and the most important in Dutch history.

Rembrandt House Museum

Before reaching the Rembrandt House, we passed another church, Sant'Egidio and a very charming bar near the canal.

church Sant'Egidio

After the famous museum in Botanical Garden the city that is beside the Jewish museum. In the museum we were not, the park is beautiful and even more in the fall where the leaves are in various colors, Red and yellow

Jewish museum

Jewish museum

That day to our surprise we found the main symbol of the country a windmill, that so we had surveyed were far from the city, but inadvertently found a beautiful, that nowadays has a mini craft brewery installed inside the mill, how this day would go to the factory and museum of Heineken, We not stop al, We thought about going the next day.


amsterdam Windmill

On the way to the Heineken Experience, We strolled by another park that was not only beautiful and had some strange people inside the park, that so frightened the Pri, because a bad encarrado guy came toward us, But it was nothing, he was trying to sell drugs.

Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience

The museum Heineken Experience is very cool, you go through various parts of the brewing process, It has parts that show the labels and old bottles of beer.

Heineken Experience museum

In the middle of the tour has a quiz and if you hit you get another pint of Heineken, we could not hit and stayed alone with 2 pint each a win for those who make the ride.

Heineken's still for those who make the tour, a mini boat tour on the canals of Amsterdam, that takes you from the Heineken Experience to another Heineken shop and there they give you a glass of the brewery symbol.


Heineken Experience museum

On the morning of 5first day We try to return to the mill brewery, but we arrived too early is the site would only open in the afternoon to think about staying there waiting 1:30 a.m., except that it was very cold and it started to rain, then there has to experience the Gooyer De Beer, but if you want to see and know the Amsterdam City mill with easy access because others are far from the city center, this mill is on the street Funenkade, 5.

Be sure to visit Amsterdam is the city too.

Amsterdam is the city too

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