Aquecimento do Motorhome

Motorhome of heating

January 13, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

This is another post in the series we're doing on Motohorme, today we will talk about Motorhome of heating, a very important item, even if your Motorhome travel is for countries with cold climate.

As we mentioned in other posts, Motorhomes are the small rolling houses, vehicles adapted with all the equipment we have in a home and how this type of travel is very common in European countries, U.S, almost all of them come with the factory heating.

O heating Motorhomes It is not equal to the heating of conventional cars we turn on the air conditioning in the hot module, they have two types of heating, the same heat in the cabin of the cars direction and another for heating the house motorhome, and this heater is what is on at the time we go to sleep or when we are in it.

Some motorhomes also has heating in the floor, an item widely used in countries in northern Europe, Glen, among others that are very cold.

How does the heating in a Motorhome?

It works more or less like the house, It has a thermostat that you turn to 1 a 6, O 6 It is the hottest.

Where to turn on the heating in a Motorhome?

In older motorhomes have a control only for heating, It is usually in the vehicle room, the youngest is now with the general control panel.

At the time of renting the motorhome, ask at the time of delivery of the vehicle where this control and how to use, it has many different models on the market.

spend much Warming Motorhome?

You do not have a utility bill or gas as when we are at home, they consume gas or fuel Motorhome.

Warming Motorhome Types?

Types of heating most common Motorhomes are warming up the vehicle with a device that consume gas, another option is what consumes fuel and some more modern solar energy board.

Ambient and outer

The motor homes has a panel that shows you the ambient temperature inside the vehicle and outside the vehicle, so we know better control the internal temperature.

Traveling in a Motorhome, a window overlooking the World