As Melhores Praias de 5 Ilhas Gregas

The Best Beaches 5 Greek islands

August 4, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

As Greek islands They are a paradise, with jaw-dropping beaches, one more beautiful than the other, but here we'll talk about the Greek beaches most beautiful, in our opinion the islands we know, that are: Mykonos, Patmos, Santorini, Wheels e Chalk.

As some of you already know, we took a cruise trip to the Greek islands during the summer, we little time on each island, because we had to stay as long as the ship was docked, the coolest was that every day we were in a different city, and he has to take good advantage of this paradise.

At each stop we rented an ATV to make the most of our time on the Island, the best way to explore these islands is to rent a scooter or ATV, the car can be a bit difficult to park, and spend on parking, especially during the summer.

Now let's get down to business, We talk the best beaches in each place.

in Mykonos We know the beaches of Ftelia Beach, degrees Beach, Kalafati Beach, Agia Anna Beach, Elia Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Paradise Beach, Agios Ioanis Beach e Ornos Beach, the beach we find most beautiful of all was the Agia Anna Beach.

Agia Anna Beach

Many will ask about the Super Paradise and Paradise are the most famous , but they are not so beautiful, they are ok, but they are best known for its festivals, if you want beach party and these are its beaches, now wants to look beautiful beach is better to go to Agia Anna Beach.

Agia Anna Beach

Na Patmos Island, is a very small island, the smallest that list, which is famous for the Apostle St. John Monastery, who lived there, but there are also beautiful beaches like Agrio Livado Beach, Petra e Beach and Psili Amos Beach.

Psili Amos Beach

The most beautiful of all is the Psili Amos Beach, that is well away from the city center, and has a quiet track 30 minutes (go tennis) to get to this beach is almost deserted, we got there just had 4 people on the beach, and it was not too early, it was nearly 10 am, but when we left we were already a little over people, We came a boat with a 10 people. This beach after the walk 30 minutes, It has a bar, so if you are unprepared food and drink, have no problem.

praia Psili Amos Beach

This beach on our list of Greek beaches is in 2nd place.

in Santorini, that we thought that would be the Island beaches “top”, but the beaches are not as beautiful as the other islands, what else draws attention are the famous white houses with blue roof, the famous postcard from Greece. Being a volcanic island,all beaches are stone, what makes the Island have different beaches as the black sand beach called Perissa Beach, also known as Black Beach, and the beach of red sand Red Beach.

Perissa Beach

Red Beach

A Perrissa Beach It is the most beautiful and larger than the Red Beach, just beware of the foot, because as the sand is black it absorbs more heat, the sand is sooo hot, I can not walk without slippers.

Perrissa Beach

I Wheels, this island is very famous because here was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Colossus of Rhodes, and a lovely medieval town, with its beautiful wall. How had this old part of the island to meet, It did not give much time to visit the beaches, only then we went on Elli Beach and the beach next to the harbor which has no name but it's not very pretty.

So why for us the most beautiful was the Elli Beach, with plenty of bars and restaurants. We had also seen to visit a nearby town (us 40km) Lindos call that seemed to be very pretty too, but not had time to know.

Elli Beach

praia Elli Beach

I Crete, the largest island in Greece, from east to west has over 250km and from north to south, us 45kms, as we had seen pictures of a beautiful beach on the island which has, and as we only had a few hours to meet, and this stunning beach are 30 minutes track, and it is around 50km from where the ship was docked, only we went in this beach paradise and most beautiful of which were in the Greek Islands and perhaps the most beautiful we've ever been in life, It is the beach Balos Beach a true paradise, we are paralyzed with so much beauty when we arrived and still have the Balos lagoon, this place is amazing, no words to describe.

Balos Beach

There also has other beautiful beaches like the beach of Elafonissi Beach, but did not go time, many websites speak to become a 4 a 5 days on this island to learn all she has, there is also the palace which was the story of the Minotaur inspired.

Balos Beach beach

Greece certainly have other Greek beaches and beautiful islands, that one day we will also know and come back here to tell you and update this list.

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