As Obras de Gaudí em Barcelona

As Gaudí i Barcelona

December 21, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Antoni Gaudí was the most important architect of Barcelona and Spain, created the Catalan modernism, Her works have been inspired by organic forms of nature, at the Museum of Casa Mila certinho explains what were your inspirations.

He lived 1853 a 1926, and his cousin left unfinished to this day, the famous and imposing Holy Família.Uma good tip to enjoy the city is to buy Barcelona City Pass which includes admission to Holy Family, Guel park, Airport Shuttle, tourist bus Hop on Hop off and + 20% off in other city attractions, eg house Milan, Casa Batllo, Camp Nou and more, besides avoiding the giant queues to buy tickets to the Sagrada Familia.

Here are the works of Gaudí in Barcelona

Holy Family The incredible basilica designed by architect is his most important work and known, It is the most visited place in Barcelona and Spain with Alhambra and the Prado Museum, there has queue every day regardless of the time, but in summer the queues can be hours, but this can be solved by buying advance tickets by internet. Its construction was initiated in 1882 It is the epitome of modernist architecture of Catalonia, expected to be completed in 2026 year that will celebrate 100 years of Gaudí's death. If you are visiting the Sagrada Familia and Park can Güel buy a combo ticket that includes both attractions,

The Sagrada Familia has three facades, they are dedicated to the birth, passion and glory of Jesus, when finished will 18 towers and 172,5 meters high. Wow!

Holy Family

They say the work is taking a long time due to the complexity of creating Gaudí, who died in 1926 and many did not know how to do what was planned, and another problem that say, but we think it's a bit of history, It is that the Holy Family should be built only with the money from the entry tickets and donations, would not have public money, we believe that not lack money, because the ticket to enter is a little expensive and has many visits.

Casa Vicens It was the first architect of the project, between 1883 a 1888, he designed the house for the Vicens family, former manager of the city of Barcelona, inspired by Arab and Indian buildings. Today the house is in the works, to be transformed into a new museum of Barcelona, a bank of Andorra bought and the opening should be in the first half of 2017, perhaps we are one of the first to visit, as it is located very near our house.

Casa Vicens

Guell Palace built between 1886 e 1890, It is a palace designed by Gaudí, for the great entrepreneur of the time the Eusebi Guell, who asked Gaudí to design various works for him.
It is located at Nou de la Rambla street, in Raval.

las Teresian College built between 1888 e 1890, It is a school until today, designed by Gaudí in Gothic style.

Casa Calvet built between 1898 a 1900 It is a modernist building designed by architect, inspired by organic nature forms, the building was designed for a textile manufacturer of the Barcelona region surname Calvet. Torres Bellesguard Also known as Casa Figueiras, It was constructed from 1900 a 1909, It was built on the ruins of an ancient castle. Designed in medieval gothic style.

park Guell The most famous park in Barcelona, It is one of the most visited places, It was created by Gaudi between 1900 a 1910. It was also developed for the businessman Eusebio Guell.

park Guell

There is the famous dragon Gaudí and the hanging garden.


The park are scattered several Gaudí i Barcelona, nowadays is a part of the park which is pay what left many angry residents of the area because they can not use the park as used since 1926 when it was opened to the public. If you are visiting the Sagrada Familia and Park can Güel buy a combo ticket that includes both attractions.

Gaudí i Barcelona

Casa Batllo Today is also a museum as well as the Casa Mila, It was created between a remodel 1904 e 1906 building facade, It was also inspired by organic medium.

Casa Batllo

According to some of our friends here in Barcelona, the building which in the past had several inhabited apartments, today still has a resident, a lady who does not want to sell his apartment at all, They have offered everything and a lot of money to it, but she resists strongly and continues living in this iconic building in the city, right in the middle of the most famous city street, or Passeig de Gracia. Buy advance tickets here.

Miralles Gate Step this location everyday, way to work, and always I thought it might be a work of Gaudí, but I had never researched to check what was, until you write the text for you.
Then I discovered that yes, It is one of the works of Gaudí and was built in 1901, is a gateway to the old Miralles industry.

Casa Mila
Along with Casa Batllo are the most important works of Gaudí houses, built in 1906 a 1910, nowadays is a museum dedicated to Gaudí and his inspirations to develop their works.

It is a very beautiful building, both outside and inside, It has a different amazing terrace and a beautiful view. Buy advance tickets here.

Casa Mila

Inside the building has organic objects that inspired Gaudí, as skeletons cobra, or even a pine cone inspired this great artist.

organic objects that inspired Gaudí

Colonia Guell another Gaudi designed by Gaudí for Eusebio Guell, this is the only work it that we were not even visit, it is not so easy to get there.

It is the project of the work developed by the colony Guell where they had available: hospitals, pension, schools, stores, theaters, cooperative and chapel, along with factories and workers, very interesting, although not easily accessible, we really want to go and show here for you.

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