Bahamas, aqui vamos nós!

Bahamas, here we go!

September 17, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

'Breakthrough' in 1492 by Christopher Columbus and now an independent nation, but part of the British Commonwealth, Bahamas is a country like few.

squeezed into 13.878 square kilometers in no less than seven hundred islands and near the Caribbean Sea, everything we hear is true: It is a natural paradise of crystal clear waters, great for outdoor activities and dives or just to relax and serve the luxury of the big resorts.

Foto by Clem Onojeghuo, Unsplash

We're talking about one of the countries whose main source of income tourism. not coincidentally, It is also one of the most visited destinations of the world. The story of its foundation until independence was a sequence of wars and dominations. Today, the country seems to have surpassed this historic and lives an economic stability, proven throughout the structure promoted to its biggest deal: tourism. The best known island and prepared for it is New Providence, where is Nassau and Paradise Island, the capital and the second city of the country, respectively.

Despite having a great weather all year round, the best time to visit the country is between December and May, avoiding the hurricane season that occurs in the previous four months. The region is known for its huge resorts, so that you do not always want to go out to meet other cities if Bahamas is one of the stops on a cruise.

Traveling with time, However, circular valley between the islands, to do some dives and enjoy the good life. They are a great option for different tours and get to know some of the sixteen populated islands.

Most people arrive on cruise ships, as one of the stops of the Caribbean and nearby, but many others invest in staying longer, Coming by plane. É só escolher a melhor opção e se preparar para desembarcar no país de clima sempre quente e agradável. And the cool thing is that you can do the trip as "part" of a larger, since the islands are approximately 55 miles southeast of Miami. Any time on the islands is worth the trip.

Foto by Sylvia Trigo, Unsplash

Bahamas can also serve, as well as romantic walks and honeymoon, from one period to invest in gastronomy. on the islands, there are several great restaurants, led by some of today's greatest chefs. Nobu is a great example. Located within the Atlantis resort, Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant chef is known for mixing Japanese and Peruvian cuisine in a unique way. worth the investment, a little salty, and you need to make reservations in advance. For more options into account and also delicious, the tour should take the Arawak Cay, a region with many restaurants serving fresh seafood and typical foods.

For those who enjoy diving, only to see the crystal clear waters gives to get a sense of joy that is guaranteed: you can find turtles, sharks, underwater museum, boats and shipwrecks, Coral reefs, It has everything!

By the way, when it comes to marine activities, It is like talking about the Maldives or, also close, Riviera Maia, not Mexico. Here you can hire a day to swim with dolphins, jet ski andar, practicing kite surfing or simply at the mercy of a calm sea.

Foto by Jared Rice, Unsplash

Summer Vacation, with almost all year round good weather. This means, Lastly, that the region is for everyone: those memorable vacation with the kids and spend quality family time, taking advantage of the security and attractions of resorts or tours with diving to observe marine life.

You can also opt for something in two empty beaches, paradisiacal landscapes, adventure activities and who know how to swim with dolphins and sharks. Not enough, if you still want to go it alone and enjoy a good spree, abound bars, nightclubs and parties, Apart from the casinos and the great and the aforementioned food. Bahamas They have all options. Almost an amusement park in the open for those who have some money and time, there is no better place to forget about the problems and relax.

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