Bali – A Ilha das Praias, Surf, Templos e Vulcões

Bali - The Island Beaches, Surf, Temples and Volcanoes

October 16, 2014 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Bali is the main island of Indonesia for tourism, there has it all to do, Surfers love the place, there are several beaches for surfing, religious go there to retreat and meet the thousands of temples, the culture of the island which is a mixture of Hinduism with the ancient religion of Bali that worships nature and its spirits (they put one offering literally everywhere, in front of houses, inside cars, in hotels, very different), some go to see the volcanoes, do adventure in the woods and we went through all this and the beautiful beaches.

Indonesia is one of the most populous countries, It is formed by the incredible number of 13.667 Islands, It is the world's largest archipelago. Bali is one of those islands, there are other famous islands in this archipelago also as: the Sunda Islands, along with Java and Lombok.

Bali is the main island of Indonesia

Many do not know, but Bali is not only an Island, but a province, a capital is Denpasar (Denpansar), other major cities are Negara Buleleng, Krngssem, Ubud (most sought after by those who go after temples and Hindu culture) Kuta and where are the major hotels, restaurants and beaches.

TurMundial in Bali

A island of Bali It is formed by many mountains, mostly formed by extinct volcanoes and the last to have a rash was 1963.

capital is Denpasar

We stayed in Kuta Selatan, a beach called Nusa Dua, We stayed there the hotel options, to be near the airport and also to stay a part of the good tourist island.

island of Bali

As we knew some people who had gone there, We talked a lot to them to know how it would go there, because we did not have much information about the place and also not disclosed tãaaooo, as some other places.

Bali 2014

So with these tips it is easier to mount the trip, we learn and then we also agree too that people are super kind, hospitaleiras, atenciosas, almost everyone speaks English (to be a very touristic place).

Na Bali Indonesia

Because of religion and their culture, there almost no assault or violence, It is all very peaceful. A friend who goes there now, He wondered if he had problems with security to go alone, I told her to go quiet, You will have no problems with this sort of thing.

Full Moon on the island of Bali

We stayed in Bali for 5 nights and 6 days and I say it was little, It has many things to do there, only unfortunately it did not yield to become more, We had 30 days to travel and would go elsewhere, we had gone through wonderful places I've posted here as Dubai, Singapore and then we went to Bangkok, Phuket e Phi Phi Island, these will post further ahead.

There did many delicious massages and worth much worth, It is very cheap, relaxing is fantastic, also did the famous fish SPA, massage is that you put your feet in the water and have a lot of fish that are eating the dead skin from your feet, see in the image below, at first gave a certain distress and itching, but then you get used.

fish SPA

Bali has many bikes, but even many, Furthermore the streets are small and as the island is quite large it is far, it takes a long time to go local, out that transit is a little crazy. And you find small bikes like here, with a family 5 people on, Really!!There also believe when they spoke, only when we saw… and it is quite common for there.

Things to Do in Bali and what are the major attractions in Bali:

1ºDia – We arrived late, tired dead after a thousand hours of travel, dinner by the hotel and we were even taking a few beers by the pool of the hotel.

Things to Do in Bali and what are the major attractions in Bali

2ºDia – We took the day to stay at the hotel, it was a small resort, but a delight, we wanted to get some rest and stayed in the hotel doing massage, taking a beer, enjoying the pool which was on the boardwalk. On that day did parasailing, (the boat pull you with a rope and you are with a parachute upstairs) was fun, that day also took the opportunity to plan what we would do on other days.

Things to Do in Bali

3ºDia – We took the hint and some friends rented a car and driver to ourselves, we're not used to doing this elsewhere, but there is very cheap, all day 9 at 20h it was around 50 dollars and went to the beach of Nusa Dua which has a giant gorgeous condo, where are those mega resorts, then we went to the wonderful Templo de Uluwatu, then to the beaches of Padang Padang,, Dreamland and ended up on the beach of Jimbaran, for lunch / dinner with a beautiful sunset, in one of the restaurants you choose to live food (on the aquarium)before eating.

monkeys in the temple of Uluwatu


4ºDia – We went to the beach and Kuta Center (where you have many hostels and bars), then we went to Seminyak, We stayed for a 2 horinhas in a bar on the edge of very tasty beach and then go through the rice farms, and then we arrived at Tanah Lot temple for us to see another stunning sunset.


5ºDia- We stayed again at the hotel, massaging and enjoying the Maharaja of life in the pool lol.

6ºDia- We agreed, We had breakfast at the hotel and we left.

island of Bali

Getting in Bali Island

We went by airplane, as we were coming from Singapore, the main airport there is known with the same name as the capital Denpasar, is the primary means to Bali Island, but also can reach the ship or ships coming from other Indonesian islands, or other nearby countries.

As we stayed in the resort a few days eat there, they were special dinners on the beach and stuff, careful with food in Bali, because everything is very spicy, we fled the spicy dishes, But anyway, the sauce of the dishes were very spicy, the seafood barbecue will pepper, finally everything will pepper, but still we ate very well at all restaurants.

One day as I said above, lunch / dinner in a restaurant in Jimbaran Beach, there is a huge variety of restaurants, all in the sand at the beach, Our guide took us to one of these restaurants, great food and a beautiful view of the sea and the sunset, but for the price Bali pay a bit more expensive than elsewhere, I turn to 100 dollars the couple.

Getting in Bali Island

The other day we had dinner in a restaurant near the hotel, this gave us a bit of bad luck in choosing the dish and we ended up eating poorly, more because of our choice than the restaurant.

On the penultimate day we had dinner at a place right next to our hotel, with wonderful food the restaurant is called Sakala, it has also a hotel, but it is on the other side of the street, this was worth much worth also, It was very beautiful and great food, but also a little more expensive, but this already imagined it would be more expensive for style place.

restaurant is called Sakala

restaurant is called Sakala

Where to stay in Bali

We were a small resort, but wonderful and super cheap, it's the Kind Villa Bintang Resort, great hotel, at the seashore, lovely pool, bar inside pool, super cheap drinks and food, wi fi, restaurant facing the sea, when we did eat there we'd see that beautiful sea, SPA where we did various massages as I said above, It is a great place and good location.

Where to stay in Bali

Landmarks of Bali

Templo de Uluwatu, also known as Temple of monkeys, as there are plenty of them out there, the temple is on a mountain or cliff front of the sea, the place is beautiful, It is a park with amazing views, even in the temple, who is not a Hindu can not enter, You can only admire from the outside, to visit the site to pay a very cheap rate, we hired a guide at the entrance, by 3 Dollars, quite worth it, because of the monkeys that are very cuddly, but they are also thieves and some very brave, the guide takes food to give to monkeys and protects you from having your sunglasses, earrings, rings, scarves etc. stolen lol.

Templo de Uluwatu

Templo de Uluwatu

Priscilla and monkeys Bali

Christian and monkeys of Uluwatu Temple

Templo de Tanah Lot, also faces the sea, only unlike Uluwatu he is inside the sea, in an island, when the tide is high you can not get near the temple, there also has a beautiful sunset, it is better to see the opposite mountain, because there you can expect the sunset having a beer and eating some snacks,the car gets a crafts fair, going up near the very large temple, very cool. We found the Uluwatu temple more beautiful than the Tanah Lot and with far fewer tourists, We do not know if it's because of the time we were at Tanah Lot (Sunset) and Uluwatu were morning, or because of feirinha, but it is more crowded.

Templo de Tanah Lot

Templo de Tanah Lot

Sunset Temple of Tanah Lot

TurMundial in Bali

Jimbaran Beach, as I said above is the beach to watch the sunset and have lunch / dinner, she is very pretty too, but there are other much more beautiful.

Jimbaran Beach

Praia de Padang-Padang, It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Bali in our opinion, to get there you have to go down a narrow staircase, within an “cave”, but it is worth spending the day there, enjoy the view and the sea of ​​clear water with pleasant temperatures.

Praia de Padang-Padang

Praia de Padang-Padang

Dreamland Beach, Beach wonder, one of the most beautiful too.

Dreamland Beach

Beach Seminyak, and extensive beach, bonita, with a beautiful personal, pretty cool too.

Beach Seminyak

Kuta Beach, to be next to the city center is a pretty normal beach, also wide open, there are a few restaurants at the seashore
Kuta Beach

Centrinho Kuta, great place to shop with very good prices, we addition to buying gifts for family, We buy various decorative items for our home, because objects are very nice and very cheap the problem is only the weight of the suitcase and the fear of breaking, but nothing broke, ufa.

Praia de Nusa Dua, It is a beautiful beach, there did the parasailing ride.
Praia de Nusa Dua

Rice farms in Ubud, only we saw the roads to the beaches, but it has several rides that make it, They speak that much worth.
Rice farms in Ubud

Ride Volcano, this also did not, You have to leave the hotel ace 3 Morning hours to reach the site, moreover it had over 3 hour walk, as we wanted rest of hurried, They still had many places to go, just not going, is more an excuse to go back there lol.

massages, this was our too, I both did the Pri 3 times each these massages and different types, It is relaxing and very cheap too.

Fish Spa, at the beginning as I said above gives an affliction but it is something different, Traditional fun and there, You need to go, after this trip we went to Phuket (Thailand) and there also have these fish in nature in rivers and waterfalls, we will speak in another post.
Fish Spa

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