As Melhores Baladas e Festas de Barcelona

The Best Ballads and Barcelona Parties

April 11, 2012 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Ballads that you should know when you are in Barcelona.

Often gives them to enter without paying anything, as there are many Brazilians working promoter of these parties, look for these contacts on Facebook.

We are in now 2017 using or site Welove Barcelona to put the names in the list, also see the latest post on ballads.

There is a custom of drinking before entering the ballads, those that are opposite the beach gives out the ballad, drink out at some bar and back.

Opium Mar
Ballad in front of Barceloneta Beach (Barceloneta Promenade, 34), roll music and electronic style "dance". In my opinion is the best nightclub in Barcelona perhaps Europe, the best days are on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, a good schedule to arrive is after 1 hour, before the ballad is half empty.

Important is the costume to enter the ballad (shirt and shoe) You can not come in shorts and tennis (despite the will).
As is facing the sea you can leave the party, go to the sea and back to the party with no problem.
Always roll shows of famous DJs.

More ballad for Class A city, great Thursday and Saturday, is on Calle Tuset, 13, roll music and electronic dance style.
The costume to enter the ballad is also shirt and shoe, do not enter in shorts and tennis shoes or shirt.
Care to get very drunk, because the security guards not to let in.

It is also an electronic ballad, It is located inside the Hotel Tryp Apolo. Located na Street Nou de la Ramba, 113 next to the Paral·lel metro station, best days are weekend.

Most electronic ballad Barcelona, It has five or more environments. Located on Calle Pamplona, 88. There has all the styles of people and tribes. Unlike other ballads, there can go with any type of clothing, to scuff, Ufa, and summer going well is even better.

The terrace
only opens in the European summer, outdoor environment located next to the Palace of Barcelona and Magic Fountain. One of the best ballads with outdoor environments. Located na Poble Espanyol.

The salt
It also opens only in Europe summer. Outdoor Environment, where you have a pool, you can skip. The best summer ballad. Manuel Azana Street located na, 1.

Barroko´s (Ancient Get Back)
Ballad with typical Spanish songs, You have to go to meet, very good. Located na Travessera de Gracia, 54.

It is next to Opium Mar, opens and closes early, many people go there before going to Opium Mar. It is opposite the Barceloneta beach (Barceloneta Promenade, 36).

A TicketBar Ticket sales for some of these Ballads and also to Tapas Tour and Flamenco Show

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