Bayahibe – República Dominicana

Bayahibe - Dominican Republic

March 26, 2012 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

beach town located south of the island of the Dominican Republic, still known by a few people. The beaches are a paradise will part, Caribbean along the shoreline (very beautiful even). One of the city's best beaches is the beach of La Romana.

We started here our honeymoon, we stayed there 4 dias para depois irmos para Punta Cana, Panama City e depois Bull's mouths. As 2 the 1st belonging to the Dominican Republic and 2 last to Panama (we post all our tips on this blog).

How to get

You will arrive in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo or Punta Cana, the latter is closer, stay 1 hour drive (best option is to have a package with transfers) leaving Santo Domingo, you will take approximately 2:30 a.m. car.

The majority of flights to the island pass through the Panama City airport, if possible stop for a few hours (connection) for shopping in the free airport shopping, it is one of the world's largest.

Where to stay
There are several hotels and resorts in this city, what we get is very good indeed, The Romanian Dreams Resort & SPA este hotel possui vários restaurantes abertos durante o dia e a noite, the system is the all inclusive (Lobster is not included, but can be surcharge). This hotel is quieter than the hotels of Punta Cana, They are great for couples on honeymoon (as already commented, It was our case).

What to eat
Seafood including lobster, the resorts has an excellent menu with national and international foods.

The folk festivals roll in all the hotels and resorts, many of these have beach parties, like a lual.

All hotels, There comes a day that "fair" with many typical items to buy. The main shopping items are: cigars made in the factories of the Island (ex. Romeo and Juliet, Monte Cristo) and a stone only found in the region called Larimar (“Run” comes from Larissa, name of the discoverer of stone and daughter “mar” Sea same), they put the stone in all types of collars, bracelets and earrings.

main attractions
Besides the beautiful beach and the crystal clear waters, you have several tour options, as it is very close to Punta Cana (1h by car) the tours end up being very similar, the best are: for Saona Island (the catamaran out of Bayahibe beach) and the Catalina Island through the Altos Chavon (Rio name and a Medieval City, where there is also a golf club).

Saona Island was one of the places of filming the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The tours have lunch and beverages included.

Catalina Island beautiful beach and great place to snorkel, the tour includes lunch and drinks.

See the photo gallery

hotel room view
Hotel pool
Pool party
Praia de La Romanian
Praia de La Romanian
Praia de La Romanian
Praia de La Romanian
Praia de La Romanian
Praia de La Romanian
Catalina island
Catalina island
Catalina island
Saona island
Saona island
natural aquarium near Saona Island

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