Bezas, o Parque Natural Pinares de Rodeno e as pinturas rupestres

Bezas, Natural Park Pinares Roden and cave paintings

March 14, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Bezas It is a small town of Teruel province, a major tourist attraction of this city is Pinares Natural Park Rodeno where people go pick mushrooms and see the paintings thousands of years.

The city of Bezas is close to two other highly sought after cities by tourists, one is the capital of the province that is Teruel and other city is the famous Albarracín who won as the most beautiful pueblo of Spain in the year 2018, to have such a good location and is a cheap city decided to stay in there and from there to know these tourist attractions.

cave paintings in Spain Bezas

On this trip we did a road map for the province of Teruel, knowing 7 amazing medieval towns, we did everything by rental car leaving Barcelona.

as discussed, Bezas was chosen because it is a cheap city to stay, and there we found that the city has a lot to do.

The first day was planned to go to Albarracín, on the way to this town we stopped in the natural park Pinares de Rodeno and went behind cave paintings park, we stopped at a lookout point where we left the car and saw the display boards that spoke that the paintings were a 400 meters, only that they were not, the paintings were about 2km, but thankfully the board spoke only 400 meters, because if he spoke it was 2Kms Pri might not want to see the paintings lol.

natural park Pinares de Rodeno

The trail to see the paintings it's pretty easy, the region has several paintings, but we saw only one, We did not have much time, since the day was reserved to visit Albarracín.


in this natural park Pinares de Rodeno, people will fall gather mushrooms, in our hotel the Hotel El Molino even had a written guide teaching you how to harvest the mushrooms and which were edible mushrooms and what not, the park was quite full of people, I never thought there was such collheita, maybe next time we participate lol.

Spain Bezas