Blue Lagoon do Chipre, é uma beleza da natureza

Blue Lagoon do Chipre, it's a beauty of nature

September 26, 2019 20 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Blue Lagoon which also has in Cyprus, It is a beauty of nature that exists in many parts of the world with the same name and, Cyprus could not stay out of that wonders list.

We have visited the Blue Lagoon Iceland, a Blue Lagoon de Malta which I think is the most beautiful and Lagoa da Jijoca, In Ceara, some people call the region of Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Blue Lagoon em Malta

No Cyprus until there is another Blue Lagoon in Ayia Napa region,but this is not the famous Blue Lagoon do Chipre, It is true across the country, near the town of Polis.

We went to Cyprus after we discover that there has cheap flights leaving Barcelona, city ​​to live, We stayed in Cyprus for nearly 10 days, we 5 days in Ayia Napa, 2 days in Larnaca and 2 days in Paphos and from them visited many sights and other cities of Cyprus.

How to go to the Blue Lagoon Cyprus?

How to go to the Blue Lagoon Cyprus?

The Blue Lagoon Cyprus is not so easy to get there, you can drive down a dirt road that say it is very bad to go with normal car, in our case, We rented a basic car in RentCars, then I had to go car, Ideally, if you make a point of going there with cart hire a 4×4 or quads in the town of Polis, but you have another option, We were chosen to, It is to take a boat to the Blue Lagoon from the port of Latchi.

Blue Lagoon

The tour we hired with the company Cyprus mini cruises, It was a walking 4 hours, with drinks included (Juice, Water and Wine) and a typical delicious lunch Cyprus, a barbecue made in the boat with pork and chicken, a wonderful couscous, salad, bread, very worth taking the tour with lunch included, up because it lasts longer and is also more time standing in the Blue Lagoon.

Greek lunch

Also on the boat has diving kits. We pay for the ride 25 EUR per person.

The Blue Lagoon is only 30 minutes from the port, before we get there we passed some other sights and the Blue Lagoon we stand a 2h enjoying the visual, swimming and eating in this paradise of Cyprus.

Blue Lagoon do Chipre

I forgot to mention that on the day we did this tour were staying in the city of Paphos, which is 37km from Polis.


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