Blue Lagoon na Islândia

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

January 31, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In early January we went to the wonderful and spectacular Iceland and of course we could not fail to meet the famous Blue Lagoon, Iceland!! We went to meet this wonder soon after we arrived at Keflavik airport, main airport of the country, so we took our car we rented and we were there, It is near the airport, us 20km, I turn to 20 minute drive. They also have for those without a car, I turn to transfer 5 euros for people over 14 years, below that age is free.

A Blue Lagoon Iceland It is formed by thermal waters that have in the country's underground, known as a country of fire and ice, these waters produce nearly 80% the power of Iceland.

When we arrived at the airport was cold, but was Sun, as it was in January (Winter) the sun does not rise much, then it always seems that are 5 pm, even though 12h.

Blue Lagoon

So we arrived at the Blue Lagoon and already in the parking lot shared our clothes 2 bags, with everything we needed to spend the rest of the day there, bikini, trunks, slippers, hairbrush, capinhas waterproof for mobile (Decathlon and buy the super recommend, we pay 6 Euros each and gave super right), items and clothes after taking a bath, there they have an excellent structure, with cream, dryer, towel, Soap, not only has shampoo.

Blue Lagoon Islândia

When we arrived we were already dazzled by the color of the water and have not had entered lol, we had already bought our tickets in advance, and recommend buying at least one 20 days in advance for, always pout and you can not get into, we buy for 15h, We arrived before and they let us in, follows the official website to buy the ticket:

Blue Lagoon Island

We find the price a bit steep (tell the way, like everything in Iceland) we pay 67 Euro per person in standard ticket, the simplest of all entitled only the silica mask, but even so we would pay again, very worth it. There has also other packages with massage, robe, lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

Blue Lagoon máscara de sílica

To enter you go through a reception desk, and the clerk asks you if you want to give an up grade, or rent anything else, we asked to rent towels and only pay around 5 each EUR, it gives you a bracelet that is your entry, your key and “money” within the Blue Lagoon because, with it you can ask for things at the bar, open and close his locker in the locker room and have access to lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Once you pass through the turnstile you go through a locker room where you leave your stuff, even advise leaving your towel inside not to miss, because you can leave your towel in a place that has the same number of your closet, and not mix with the towel others. They ask to shower before entering the lagoon and mainly spend cream on hair, they got there, I advise as much, if you do not spend it turns a straw for a week, as I had seen several reports about it before, It helped me a lot with me and did not happen, but I saw sooooo many women who have not passed, gave up lol sorry, because the silica having the water is good for the skin, but for the hair not much, Then avoid sticking her head into the water.

Blue Lagoon águas termais

good short, after all this, showered, cream last, I left the warm dressing room and went to the pond, I was about to enter the inside of the lagoon that has not to feel the shock of the cold outside, but Chris decided want to find me out there, then there was me lol, but I confess that I thought would much cooler, since I left wet for a place that was hot for a cold 1 degree, with thermal sensation -6, but it was very quiet took a jog and entered the huge lagoon with thermal water (I turn to 37 degrees), a delight, is beautiful.

Gelo e Fogo

The smoke coming out of the pond is too much and too hot, there were passing the silica mask, spent a 5 lol times the skin gets very hot, and they say that for those with psoriasis is also a miracle drug, We were also in the small waterfall that is there, We had promised that would not take anything inside the lagoon, not to spend too, for each pint of beer within the pond around the bar cost 10 euros, but of course we could not resist and bought 2, and stayed there strolling by taking huge lagoon thousand photos by a nearly 4 hours, and when it grew dark it seemed those horror movie scenarios because of the smoke, It was too much and I confess I was too afraid to feel cold and feel nothing, then left pond (this time from inside rs) We went straight to the locker room to shower and when we left we paid what we consume and ready, I had a small shop with their products, with seaweed mask, Silica and other, but we did not buy anything.

Christian Gutierrez na Blue Lagoon

Priscila Gutierrez na Blue Lagoon

We thought the night would not have a lot of people to go, but when we left we had a huge row, to scare, I honestly do not see much grace to go at night because, you can not see much, then do as we advise, arrive by day and leave at night, because when you arrive, you have no time limit to stay in the lagoon, then you can stay as long as you see fit.

Estrutura da Blue

De noite na Blue Lagoon

De noite na Blue Lagoon

They also have a restaurant and massage, to be wonderful, and now will open up a hotel, but the prices were not as wonderful as well and as it was our first day on the island, We decided not to abuse too. And when we left we were relaxed meeega, then another thing we advise is to go after arriving at the airport (as we did) or if you have time before your flight to travel very relaxed, they are open from 8 21h.

Águas termais da Islândia

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