Brasileiros não precisam mais ter visto para entrar nos Emirados Árabes Unidos

Brazilians do not need to have more visa to enter the UAE

May 22, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

From day 03/06/2018 Brazilians do not need to have more visa to enter the UAE, Now it will be easier to make that trip to see the country of Sheiks, visit the island of Palm, climb the tallest building in the world, skiing at a ski resort inside a mall, know the Ferrari theme park, visit the largest mosque in the world, among other very cool things you can to do there.

Before it was more expensive to go there because, just because you paid 160 dollars for every time a person entered the country, it happened to us on a trip we made to Asia and the United Arab Emirates, Pri had only Brazilian passport had to pay this amount and apply for a visa, and she had to pay twice as, We entered the country twice in the first leg of the trip and back, I did not have to pay because I have dual citizenship and the Spanish did not have seen to get there. And we did not go to the airline company Emirates, if I'm not mistaken it was a different process and simpler to get the visa.

Brazil need a visa to travel to the United Arab Emirates?

Not. Only until the day 2/06/2018 need, then it is no longer necessary to apply for a visa to enter the UAE.

Taking advantage of this new rule Brazilians do not need to have visa to travel to the United Arab Emirates, see our posts on what to do in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and the deserto Dubai, we were there in 2014, and we enjoyed, the country surprised us positively.

Source: Embassy of the United Arab Emirates Brasilia

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