Bruxelas, capital da Bélgica e seus encantos

Brussels, capital of Belgium and its charms

January 20, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Brussels the beautiful capital of Belgium, the country the best beers and the best chocolates, the city is very nice, bonita, filled Art, history and various tourist attractions. And to top, close to a lot of cool city! Inclusive Paris e Amsterdam.

We made this Trip to Brussels, from Dublin, city ​​where they currently live, this trip also went to used (see the post) is for Luxembourg (see the post), these two trips made by train, in bounces back, Our base was in Brussels.

we 4 days on trip, as we arrived at night, and it was a day for each city, speaking at our arrival, Dublin flight to Brussels, was to arrive at 20 pm, but because of heavy rain in Brussels, the plane had to be circling, until the weather improves and the airport reopening, it arrived with 2 hours late and took a huge queue in non-European immigration, although I have European passports, Pri does not have, so we have to take this queue, the queue took much, and some people in front of us were taken to a small room of immigration, surveillance and there is strict, this was before the Paris bombings (in November 2015), You should now be much worse. After more than 1 When row, We pass smoothly through immigration, but with all this delay, we left the airport 23:10 more or less, Our idea was to catch a train, or bus, as we always do, but because of these unforeseen and having a queue to buy the ticket, We ended up getting a taxi, and repent of it until today!! The most expensive taxi already paid in life, 70 euros!! It was almost what we paid in our 2 airplane tickets !!Return ticket for us 2, we pay 79 euros, almost died of heart, I see that meter running like a casino machine, but these things are part of the journey and how learning, NEVER MORE taxi lol!!

But then found that the value of the taxi is expensive so, after 22h, before it seems it is more normal, but we will not pay to see…

Things to do in Brussels and what are the main Brussels attractions

We arrived at the hotel tired of dead, and the next day in the morning, we went to used, we train(see the list of railway companies), more or less 15 euros per person round trip, on the return we got there in the afternoon very end, but in summer the sun sets late, We took advantage and went to meet the old city center area and the large square, We love this square.

We visited all the monuments of this region, the boy who wets, some days it is with different clothes and logical, packed with people around to take pictures, the large square, and other places over there around, below has the city's attractions list.

A large square (Grand Place), Market Square also call, which hosts all major events Brussels. Surrounded by remaining historic buildings of the XV and XVI, with flower market on the ground and surrounded by restaurants with tables on the streets, and also the town hall. With the additional advantage, if you are visiting the city on some festive occasion, you can also enjoy the decor that makes a huge flower carpet.

In this we take back to eat the wonderful waffle, there has thousands of chocolate shops and waffle, choose one or more kill and eat Belgian chocolate, that we did not, very good!!

Near the large square, is the famous Café Delirium, that has nothing to do with coffee, on the contrary, It is a huge brewery, multi-storey, the famous beer Delirium and this bar has over 3.000 World beer labels, That's right over 3.000 labels!!For those who love beer as we, is too!!Some are draft beer, others are bottles, It has something for everyone, It has normal alcohol content, but also has very high levels, You have to watch, we 2 times there, the first was in the back of the drive to Bruges, and the last day also. The brewery is located near the train station that goes to the airport, It has a good price, even with this huge variety of beer, we take at least a 6 marks each (We wanted to take all, but did not give lol). There also has the famous menu of beers, which is actually a thick book, with all brands of beer, alcohol content and which are composed, many buy the menu to take remembrance.

At the first time, we were there a long time, We go out to eat a kebab and we would see all lit center. Beautiful!!

On the second day we went to Luxembourg, again train, approximately 30 euros round trip per person, different from used, the journey is long through, near 2:45h, but very worth knowing the city. On that day we came back late and went straight to hotel, but we had some problem to get back to the hotel, because we booked a hotel that was good, but far from the center, the subway was already closed, it was difficult to find the right bus and our phone battery was dead, but we did everything to not get the fortune taxi!! So try to stay close to the big square, It is the best place to stay.

The last day we fail to meet the other parts of Brussels, were the Atom which is a away from central park, We went there by subway, Atom is really cool, with a sensational view of the city, the weather was great, It is a different tour, there also has a large park and mini Europe, (most important monuments of Europe, miniature), but it's too expensive, seen this viewpoint the site Atom, because we do not think it would be worth paying, to get there.

We returned to the city center, we went to Cinquantenaire Park, at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces, no Museu Royal Museums of Art and History, They are very beautiful places.

Then from there we went to Brussels Park, very beautiful too, in front of it has Brussels Royal Palace.

Right next, It has the wonderful Brussels Cathedral.

From there we went back to the center, for lunch the Mussels, do not forget to eat the main dish Brussels the capital of Belgium, mussels with sauce, served with fries, had in almost every restaurant that we, we ate in the main square near the Great Square Brussels. Excellent!! After having lunch, We went back to the Cafe Delirium, but we were only a 2 hours, it was now the time of departure.

Major tourist attractions, what to do in Brussels:

Grand Place (Grand Place)

Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History



Royal Palace

Cathedral Catherine

Boy statue making pipi (Manneken Pis)

Café Delirium

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