Budapeste – Quando você for para o Leste Europeu, não a deixe de fora…

Budapest - When you go to Eastern Europe, not to leave out…

September 12, 2014 11 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

This city is one of 10 most beautiful and interesting in Europe, In our opinion, We were delighted to meet, We would love to go back there, but we have a thought of not repeating cities, because then we will know all lol.

Where is Budapest It is the capital of Hungary, formerly 3 cities Buda, where it is located the magnificent Buda Castle, one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, with parliament, Obuda and Pest is the part where are the most hotels, the first two are on the right side of the Danube and the last on the left, the union of these cities is recent, since 1873, but they themselves are very old.


This city is beautiful and easily accessible, so we did everything on foot, We are a relatively compact city and try not fail to know nothing, but it is hard. As I have said on other occasions, whenever we are in Europe we love to do the walking. Just walk a little funicular, when we were very tired and another day when we took the subway to meet Városigled park, that is far.

Budapest Hungary

How to get
There are several options:
Train, We choose this option, we were coming from Bratislava, we took the cheapest train, without Internet, comfortless, we took a cab to 6 people, we were with large suitcases and how good we are Brazilians, we are afraid to leave the suitcase away from us, large suitcases and travel by train definitely do not match, even more because you have to put in a compartment above your head and charge almost 30kg to put bags, I guarantee it was not easy, Chris say so lol.

Getting Budapest

By ship, there are several cruise ships arrive and leave the city, the Danube River did a wonderful night tour, already tale…

Budapest Eastern Europe


Budapest has one side of the Danube River which is right next to the Parliament, with several bars and restaurants is a great place to eat and drink, of 4 days we stayed there, 2 of them had lunch or dinner there. One day we were at this bar had a singing group, with instruments among the very cool tables.


Near the Buda Castle, near the church, You have another place to have a few beers or eat Pavilion called Fisherman, with an amazing panoramic view of the city.

Buda Castle

In this town also we did a night boat ride with dinner included, O Candlelight Dinner Cruise, this tour the food is very good, but what else is worth it undoubtedly is the view of the city, which in our opinion, everything is more beautiful and bright.

Cruise the Danube

Dinner Cruise on the Danube

Cruise the Danube Promenade

Where to stay
we stayed at Mercure Budapest Museum, great hotel with some important services included (wi fi and breakfast) and with excellent location, close to everything in the city.

Things to do in Budapest and what are the main tourist attractions of Budapest.

Buda Castle, to climb to the castle of Buda at the other side of the Danube, the best way is by funicular (cycle), buy the one-way passages and back together, It is cheaper

Things to do in Budapest and what are the main tourist attractions of Budapest

Things to Do in Budapest

In the castle area there are several museums, are cool museums, but nothing as a must.

What are the main tourist attractions of Budapest

Buda Castle

Castle ago there is also some entertainment that we find funny, such as, I had a dress boy will fashion of the time and played to shoot a bow and arrow!! where there, I just reconfirmei surely I do not have any coordination, I missed no small arrow lol.

Budapest Castle

Budapest castle

There was also a damn ice cream we make in life, but it was good lol.

castle has an underground city

Near the castle has an underground city, It is a very different place, but if you want to know a SUPER underground city, go to Cappadocia.


Parliament of Budapest, the most beautiful in the world, my God, what a wonderful building and is still lit at night, leaving the most beautiful yet. Parliament can be visited, to ensure your ride buy advance ticket.

Parliament of Budapest

Parliament of Budapest

Ponte Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Chain Bridge), cross the Danube River by the bridge and go into the Castle. Beautiful landscape!!

Ponte Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Citadel fortress, the fortress is a mountain and one of the access is by a gigantic staircase, train before going, It is great for real lol, but very worth it, other options are: go with a bus tour we learned that existed when we got up there, almost dead or even by taxi, the site has a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, from there you see most of the bridges.

Citadel fortress

We choose to go the stairs, it was endless, we got up there so thirsty and we were a good few minutes to sit and look at the view descasar, I still had to buy a blouse in the crafts fair that is up there, so much heat that was, I was a long-sleeved blouse before.



In the back of the tour, we decided not to return by stairs and so took a path behind, We walk a few meters and took a funicular, BRT equal to that they want to do in Brazil.

Hungarian State Opera


Hungarian State Opera
St. Stephen's Basilica

St. Stephen's Basilica

St. Stephen's Basilica

St. Matthias Church, the church is beautiful on the outside, inside did not get to know much, it was under renovation.


St. Matthias Church

Avenida Andrássy
Horror house, It is a World War II museum, We think of entering, but the weather at the entrance of the museum was already super heavy, then we give up.

Horror house

Budapest Museum of Fine Arts

Budapest Museum of Fine Arts

Central Market

Central Market

great Synagogue

great Synagogue<

Heroes Square, It sits at the entrance of the park Városigled.

parque Városigled

Parque Városigled, this park is a little far from the city center and castle, best option to go there is by subway, a very old subway which is a few meters from the promenade.

Castle Varjdahunyad, It is within the park Városigled.

Hotel Gellert, here are the spa, They say they are beautiful and we saw some pictures, really are, but we did not know, missed day.

Castle Varjdahunyad

Café Gerbeaud, one of the most traditional cafes of Budapest.

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