Bugibba e a região de Saint Paul’s Bay

Bugibba and the region of Saint Paul's Bay

January 18, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Bugibba is one of the main towns in the region of Sant Paul's Bay and the country of Malta, because there is a large part of the country network hotelera, as well as in the region known to Sliema. Many people who do not know Malta They think it is better to stay in the capital, Valletta, but because it is an ancient medieval town does not have such a large choice of hotels.

We stayed in Bugibba, We stayed in a Airbnb, because as we get a week, We did not want to spend a lot on food, then you better stay in an apartment with kitchen.

The city of Bugibba, as well as all other cities of the country, They are very small and you do not realize that left over and already in another.


We chose this town to stay in because, It was cheaper than other cities like, Sliema e Saint Julian, Moreover it is very well located, from there you can quietly know all the attractions of Malta. Now talking about transportation and displacement, the best option for getting around there is no doubt renting a car, public transport gets you to all the sights, Moreover long before passing, often you have to take more than one bus and sometimes the bus may have a queue to get a big girl in it (we passed some).


We go to the good part, the country and the attractions of the region, for being an island, the country of Malta has many beautiful beaches, so it's good plan about where to go, not to leave anything vistar that region that you will be, here in TurMundial blog published several posts with tips that beautiful, small country see here the other posts about Malta. This post is unique about Bugibba and region, because in a post just can not talk about everything.

One of the main attractions of Saint Paul's Bay, is the super famous ballad Café del Mar,the Malta, a nightclub that was very famous in Ibiza and that today has in many other cities, the Bugibba in our view is even better than that of Ibiza, not the ballad itself, but for the beautiful space facing the sea, infinity pool, you can also go during the day to take advantage of the structure and the evening rolls the big parties. You have to pay to get, but it is not sooo expensive, during a day 20 euros, and night varies according to the day of the week.

Café del Mar

In this region is also the National Aquarium country, It seems to be pretty well, but only passed in front.

Aquário Nacional de Malta

As in many other beaches of Malta, Beach Bugibba is also stone, we like the most was the Qawra Point Beach, it has a beautiful blue sea, and has a good infrastructure to enjoy the place, with natural pools.

Qawra Point Beach

Qawra Point Beach

Qawra Point Beach

The seaside promenade is a beautiful place to walk day and night, there are the main attractions of bars and restaurants in town, we went a few times a night to take a beer at Cheeky Monkey, Gastropub Qawra, a cool gastropub, with a good price.

Good, this was what we saw of Bugibba and Saint Paul's Bay area, keep us watching others posts about the amazing country of Malta.

Praia de Qawra Point Beach

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