Cânions do Congost de Mont-Rebei

Canyons do Mont-Rebei

January 15, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In November holiday made our first trip and Motorhome, in one of the stops visited the Mont-rebei, located between the provinces of Lleida (Catalonia) e Huesca (Aragon). Considered one of the most impressive natural jewelry and least known of Catalonia, but his fame has grown and the number of visitors, so it's good to go before getting massiveness. Com post, we want to show this natural setting of charm in Spain, ideal for a weekend getaway.Turmundial not Gorge

What is the Congost de Mont-rebei?

O Congost de Mont-rebei is made up of canyons (gorges) and the river Noguera Ribagorçana passes among them that crosses from north to south. The Mont-Rebei of Congost is located between the regions of La Ribagorza (Aragon) and Pallars Jussà (Catalonia) and can be reached on foot from different points, car parks and trails , although the most popular is the access of La Masieta, where you have a business structure for tourists. Carved a path in the rock allows go all the gorge on the edge of the cliff and get views like the ones you see in the pictures. The Mont-rebei of Congost is protected and managed by the Fundació Catalunya – The stone, the same that takes care of Casa Milla by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona.


Routes and tracks the Congost de Mont-rebei

The road that runs through the Congost de Mont-rebei is part of the GR-1. There are at least three options to do this tour: the shortest and simplest option is to make the signposted route that goes from north to south of La Masieta car by the end of the gorge. The road is quite simple, about 3,5 km and you need about 1hr 45 to make the outward journey. You can extend the walk to the second suspension bridge, that crosses the gorge or Seguer (+ 1 km) e, once encouraged (or not) down the steep wooden stairs built in the wall leading to the lodge of Montfalcó.

The second option, for a little more advanced hikers, It is to make the road south to the north from the chapel of the parking “Mare Déu of Pertusa”, PERTO Corçà, until after the second suspension bridge in the gorge (near 8 km de ida). In our visits, we chose the second option, because as we were with a Motorhome, the location of the car park was good for this type of vehicle, the first was not possible to go with a MotorHome. A third option, in this case of Aragon, It is to make the Montfalcó hostel route to Congost.

Routes and tracks the Congost de Mont-rebei

Rota estacionamento La Masieta – Mont-rebei

O estacionamento The Masieta, which has a place of information, It is open in the high season 07:30 at 20h and 8:30 17h the rest of year. On the official website, you can check the detailed schedule. In the days that pay (5 € per vehicle), it is convenient to book a place online. parking, is very easy to reach the gorge following the signposted path that runs along the river.

After walking a little less 2 km along a beautiful path that crosses an open field, a first suspension bridge is traversed (not suitable for people with vertigo) and soon the canyon entrance is already visible, the most impressive part of the tour. In the first meandering river, among the rocks, you have is with your mouth open in front of the huge walls of up to 500 meters high, but it is best to enter the canyon itself and see how it extends the distance and through which the road carved into the wall.

Rota estacionamento La Masieta - Mont-rebei

To exit the canyon, it forces the monitor and you have time, we recommend you go to the suspension bridge Congost del Seguer. Although you add 1 km to the route and in this area it has slopes steeper, worth getting for two reasons: the first is the view from Congost from that point and the second is that you can go down (and return) for a few minutes. wooden steep stairs that run vertically rock and connect with the route of Montfalcó, in Huesca. To achieve them, it takes up about 6 m along a path quite steep, but those who did recommend the experience.

As for the way back, nothing to add, since this is the way to undo. Try to start too early or ride will be too late to find a place to eat in fact, It is quite advisable to bring some snacks and drinks in abundance, because even car areas “civilized” They are somewhat distant. And if you go in winter, keep an eye on the time of day, so that the darkness will not surprise you along the way.

hermitage of the parking route “Mare Déu of Pertusa” – Mont-rebei

It's about 16km to and by incredible scenery, the path is very quiet despite being long, this route is also quieter for people with vertigo.

The trail passes through several mountains, valleys and breathtaking views, at the end of this path you will reach the end of the first route and may also go on the suspension bridge and the driven side stairs in the mountains of Aragon.

Rota de estacionamento da ermida da "Égua do Déu da Pertusa" - Mont-rebei

This track has far fewer people because they do not have the structure of the first route, the other route, when the two come together near the bridge, It has much, but many people, if you like trails quietest and few people this is the best, but the ideal is to know the two or three routes.

ponte pencil Mont-rebei

as we speak, It is very important to take plenty of water and food, since the middle of the track has no structure, and plan the time it takes to do the walking, if back in the evening take these lanterns put on the head.

The parking lot of the Ernica, where we left the Motorhome, It has beautiful views already in the parking lot, then after the walk the trails were on the outside of the vehicle to enjoy this beautiful landscape.

Congost trail Mont-Rebei

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