Cannes, cidade do festival de cinema e das praias bonitas

Cannes, City film festival and the beautiful beaches

June 5, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Cannes It is a city that we hear a lot of talk there because of the famous Cannes film festival, but the city is much more than just the festival.

We went to Cannes on a trip we were making the southern France, of 9 days by Côte D'Azur also known with the French Riviera, We strolled in Cannes for a day as we did base in the city of Marseille, Nice e Saint Tropez, one of the days we were in Nice we know Cannes and also Antibes who are together and very close to Nice.

On this trip we all drive out of Barcelona, where we rented a car.

Cannes, City film festival and the beautiful beaches

We arrived very early in Cannes logo, and getting there we have a car and went to meet the entire city on foot, best way to learn about the cities.

Port of Cannes

We started the tour Notre-Dame of Hope, which is in the city high, besides being beautiful, it is all stone and has a beautiful clock tower, the view that there is too much has, you see the whole city. The church is in Mediterranean Gothic style.

Notre-Dame of Hope

There is also the The museum Castro, we only know out.

The museum Castro

We also made friends with a seagull inn was very close to the people a long time and she was doing poses for the photo, see how beautiful.


Cannes in France

Already down there, going to the center, passed a Iron mask, is an allusion to the famous story of the man in the iron mask who lived in a prison on an island and close to Cannes.

Iron mask

Well Mountain close where the church, is the Cannes film festivals in the palace, on the day we were there, I had some events and failed to see the palace inside, but out the place a bit disappointed, We expected a more luxurious place and we have not seen any of that, but as always we speak, worth knowing.

Cannes film festivals in the palace

Next to the palace of festivals, It is a small walk of fame, It is very small, We do not know the American original, but no doubt is higher, the fun was to see that Van Damme has a much smaller hand than mine lol.

small walk of fame

small walk of fame

Continuing the tour, we were in the city beach promenade, which have private beaches and public beaches, private beaches are the spaces where restaurants and bars are, you can rent a beach chair or stay in place for a drink or eat, but you can not take your yoke and stay where it is marked by the restaurant.

On the beach promenade is the Intercontinetal famous Carlton hotel, an imposing building right in front of the beach, one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, where the rich and famous are hosted.

 Intercontinetal famous Carlton hotel

In this boardwalk we were looking all menus of the restaurants to see which of them would stop for lunch, we were seeing the prices and dishes, because in this region of France prices are well salted until we reach the end of the boardwalk, which has a beautiful park and a beautiful harbor, which is almost facing the city, a very good place to take pictures of the city of Cannes and its beaches with white sand and thin, different from the beaches Nice which are stones, a very beautiful sea, but if you want the beaches with that color blue pool, You will have to go to other regions such as Saint Tropez, Villefranche or near Marseille no the Calanques National Park.

In the back of the park and the port we stopped at one of the beach restaurants, who had since had a dish we liked and a good price. The restaurant is almost opposite the Intercontinental Hotel but do not remember his name.

Christian and Priscilla Gutierrez

Restaurant on the beach in Cannes

The food was very good, and if you like wine, this region has excellent wines, EEM and a rosé wines that the liquid is almost transparent, very interesting and very good, who we are like the Côte D'Azur rosé.

After having lunch, We strolled up the street parallel to the beach, where the chic shops of the city, It is a beautiful street, more normal, nothing very exceptional. And on the street behind that of the chic shops have a much simpler trade and accessible to the pockets, but we did not buy anything, only an ice cream, very good sign for LOL.

Côte D´Azur

We returned to the car, and we went to Antibes, a city super cute, see the post here on this other city in Costa Azul.

Blue Coast

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