Capadócia, cidade de Göreme

Cappadocia, City Göreme

September 8, 2014 21 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

A Cappadocia, is not a city as many think, but a historic and touristic region in central Turkey, which was very famous in Brazil, because of the novel that went on TV Globo, Salve Jorge. The meaning of Cappadocia is a land of race horses.

In the region of Cappadocia (Browse through the tour packages from Istanbul to Cappadocia), there are several cities, the city has more infrastructure is Göreme, the airport is in the city of Kayseri, which is more or less 1 hour drive from Göreme.

capadócia onde fica

This place is beautiful, a kind of landscape unique and totally different from anything we've seen, It seems kind Mars, I do not know for sure, because we have never been to Mars lol, just I know it's wonderful, You have to know.


The region has been inhabited for thousands of years, several ancient civilizations were there, as the Hittites , the European and Asian civilizations. The local landscape is formed by volcanic rocks, limestone and thousands of years of erosion, who left soft and easy area to buildings, within these rocks. In this way many people lived in the caves.


After many years of existence, a Cappadocia, He became a refuge for persecuted Christians in the current region Turkey, there these Christians built monasteries, churches which many of them are named after St. George, said to have been born there. The legend of St. George and his dragon took shape, in the Middle Ages. These are deteriorated churches, because of religious fights between Christians and Muslims.

St. George

As I said in other posts, on a few trips and our happens something unusual happened here too, two weeks before we arrived in Cappadocia, It was sad balloon accident, which killed three and injured Brazilian 21 people, Imagine the fear of our family and our concern to make the ride, yet we, It was super quiet, safe and unforgettable. The agency staff balloons, bother to take great care, not to happen these kinds of accidents.

What's Cappadocia?

It is a region of Turkey, located right in the middle of the country.

How to get
There are several options:
Airplane, this was our option, We find good and quick, We took a plane Istanbul, in 1 time were in Kayseri airport, we took a van when we got to the airport and 1 time we got to the hotel in Göreme (We took a hotel's own transfer, we asked when we made the reservation, we recommend to do the same).

Car or bus, from Istanbul, the journey is very long around 700km (different from what went on in novel, that seemed to be super close lol).

Or is there tour packages out of Istanbul


we only 2 days there, one of the days we had lunch at a hotel right near the outdoor museum Göreme (Göreme National Park), great food and a beautiful landscape.

One night, We had dinner at a place that was rolling a music festival and dances of Turkey, with traditional food and very good, also we take the Raki, Typical beverage base anion Turkey, we find horrible, He did not give to have a whole glass in two (detail, we hate anise).

music festival and dances of Turkey

Where to stay
This was one of the most interesting points of the trip, we were staying in a very beautiful hotel, in a cave, only a modern cave, with cable TV, hot water, air conditioning, wi fi, hairdryer lol, the hotel is called Sultan Cave Suites, It is exceptional and the receptionist was Brazilian (super friendly) and he showed a lot of cool things for us, including this festival I spoke up.
Where to stay Cappadocia

Sultan Cave Suites

Hotel Sultan Cave Suites

Sultan Cave Suites Cappadocia

Things to do in Cappadocia and what are the main tourist attractions in Cappadocia.

Free outdoor museum of Cappadocia (Göreme National Park), there are many churches, houses and monasteries of the time, that Christians were expelled from the region, excellent ride.

Things to do in Cappadocia and what are the main tourist attractions of Cappadocia

Things to Do in Cappadocia

What are the main tourist attractions of Cappadocia

Landscapes and plains of the region

Landscapes and plains of the region

Balloon ride, It is the main tour of the area, We made with the company Butterfly Balloons, wonderful, stunning scenery, no words to describe, better see the photos.

Balloon ride

Balloon ride in Cappadocia

Turkey Balloon ride

Göreme balloon ride

Balloon ride

Balloon ride

Balloon ride

Balloon ride

Horseback Riding (not done)

ATV Tour, hilarious I love, já Pri not tanto, but very worth it, as you stroll through the valleys of the region, the old buildings is too. But indicate pick up a guide, he goes on a quad bike in front of you and takes you to all the famous places and gorgeous region, but you get a little lost, not knowing where to go.

ATV Tour

ATV Tour Cappadocia

Goreme ATV ride

ATV Tour Göreme

Dance Festival and Typical Music, the festival has many styles of Turkish dance, lasting around 2 hours, (dinner and drinks included). In this festival we danced until around a campfire lol, the last was typical dance belly dancing, the woman who was dancing Brazilian (2Th time this happens in our travels)!! After all the dances and dinner, the place became a bit of a familiar ballad, very cool!! indicate very!!

Dance Festival and Typical Music

Dance Festival and Typical Music

Dance Festival and Typical Music

Dance Festival and Typical Music

Dance Festival and Typical Music

Dance Festival and Typical Music

Underground City Cappadocia there 36 underground cities the greatest is the Kaymakli, we know the city underground Derinkuyu, which is formed by 20 levels, tunnels, stairs and seats are very narrow and tight, we had to several times walking crouched, those with claustrophobia or think about going, but people who have not should go, is a very cool ride and different. This tour was nominated by our hotel and it was worth it.

Underground City Cappadocia

Underground City Cappadocia

Underground City Cappadocia

Underground City Cappadocia

Underground City Cappadocia

Churches caves forgotten, check the ride on hotel stay.

Churches caves forgotten

Churches caves forgotten

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