Cartago, a antiga capital do imenso Império de Cartago

Cartago, the ancient capital of the huge Empire of Carthage

August 8, 2018 8 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Carthage or Cartago, today is a Roman archaeological site and Carthaginian, situated on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, next to the capital Tunisian, Tunes. And what is the reason for this archaeological site is so important? Carthage was the capital of the Carthaginian Empire and can also be called Republic, that was so strong and large as at the beginning of the Roman Empire, for many years to the century 3 a.C.

Just to get an idea, North Africa was dominated for centuries by the Carthaginians, so called because of its large city-state, Cartago. The empire was so great that stretched across the northern coast of Africa, what would today Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and part of Egypt, this time also ruled parts of Spain, and Corsica Islands in France, Sardinia and Sicily in Italy.

The Carthaginians came from Phenicia and were great in the assembly and navigation fast and tough super boats for the season, They made his empire from the trades made by the Mediterranean Sea.

Cartago, a antiga capital do imperio Cartago

In the century 3 a.C. He faced the Roman Empire in two wars (known as the first and second Punic war) for hegemony in the western Mediterranean Sea and which was defeated in both cases. By mid-century 2 a.C., was destroyed by Scipio Emiliano called the Third Punic War.

Imperio Romana em duas guerras

Because of these and other wars, today only ruins left, but that are incredible, for those who like that sort of ancient history, as we. We were there for a script that made Tunisia, and Carthage was our penultimate stop on this wonderful journey of 7 days, in our planning the trip Carthage was a good place expected and met our expectations well.

sitio arqueológico romano e cartaginés

Things to Do in Carthage and what are its main tourist attractions?

Today the remains of these two empires were 8 tourist attractions, we visited all, We hired a driver for 65 dinars, I turn to 20 euros, We hired him the second place we had visited for, we had little time to visit all, then indicate to hire a taxi at the hotel to stay the whole day with you and make 3 tours, the capital of Tunisia, Tunes, Cartago e Sidi Bou Said, haggle the price with them, there is very normal to hire this type of service where the taxi drivers are with you all day, in our case we hired the service only to Carthage and Sidi Bou Said, and in the end we took our bags at the hotel and took us to the airport. Just so you have an idea of ​​how to bargain, the first price he asked was double, but we were short of money in their currency (Dinars) It is the last day trip, so he ended up leaving half-price same.

O que fazer em Cartago e suas suas principais atrações turísticas?

The ruins of Carthage are well spread, unlike some other ancient Roman cities such as Pompeii, so it is easier to hire taxis guide, Another good thing is that the ticket is quite cheap, us 10 dinars (3 euros) and applies to all 8 places.

The most beautiful of all are the Baths Antonio (Antonine Baths), in front of sea, with pools, baths and more, we had already seen other ruins of Greek and Roman baths, but this is undoubtedly the largest and most beautiful, It was the place we most time on the ride.

Banhos de Antonio

Antonine Baths Tunísia

Ruinas do Imperio Romano na Tunísia

Antonine Baths Tunes

Cartago (Carthage in French) also has the famous o anfiteatros Roman amphitheater of Carthage, The drawing is similar to the Coliseo of Rome or amphitheater El Jem, only it's much destroyed.

anfiteatro romanos o Amphithéâtre de Carthage

Cartago (Carthage em frances)

There also has another Amphitheater Odeon (Amphitheatre de Odeon Theater) which has more an amphitheater format today, shaped like a half moon, and that even today is still used for shows and concerts.

Anfiteatro de Odeon (Amphitheatre de Odeon Theater)

Another beautiful place is the Villa Romanian (The Roman Villas) the houses of the people of the time, a very beautiful and unspoilt village.

Vila Romana (Les Villas Romaines)

Vilas Romanas en Cartago

Escrituras em Cartago

Piso de Cartago

A Byrsa hill or Acropolis of Carthage, the city high, there were the main buildings of the city-state of Carthage, and where is the National Museum of Carthage, was closed the day we visited.

Colina de Byrsa ou a Acrópoles de Cartago

Museu Nacional de Cartago

A Acropolis of Carthage It is high on the mountain, just like the Acropolis of Athens, only much smaller and more dilapidated.

Acrópole de Cartago

O Harbor Carthage (The Punic Ports in Carthage) which came in and out the goods, which made an empire of Carthage, the port was all structured for incoming and outgoing boats, and was the most important port of the previous centuries the fall of Carthage.

Porto de Cartago

Les Ports Puniques de Carthage

Throughout the archaeological site of Carthage you can see old Roman columns and other ruins, but gives a little sorry to see that is not being taken full advantage of these wonders left by Carthaginians and Romans.
Colunas Romanas

We stayed a few hours in this wonderful place, we would like to have more time and see everything more calmly, but that day had already visited early Tunes , after Carthage still went to Sidi Bou Said, and at the end of the day almost overnight we had the flight back to Barcelona, so little time left for, We know other fantastic places in Tunisia, see the post about the script by Tunisia and there we all made the country.

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