Cliffs of Moher, uma das principais atrações da Irlanda, perto da cidade de Galway

Cliffs of Moher, one of the main attractions of Ireland, near the city of Galway

February 29, 2016 1 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

What to speak of this wonderful place, which are the Cliffs of Moher, a creation of so beautiful nature, the cliffs are the same as our cliffs (in the northeast of Brazil) or stone walls on the coast, these walls here in Ireland, has about 210 meters of height above the sea.

They are one of the main attractions of Ireland, along with Newgrange and the thousands of castles scattered around the island.

The cliffs have a whole 8 km, along the Atlantic Ocean and reach their maximum height 214 meters north of O'Brien tower. The view of the cliffs, It attracts nearly a million visitors a year. On a clear day, They are visible the Aran Islands in Galway Bay.

O'Brien tower

O'Brien's Tower is a round stone tower, which is approximately at the midpoint of the cliffs. It was built around 1835 Sir Cornelius O'Brien, to serve as a vantage point for Victorian tourists. From the top of the porthole, you can see the Aran Islands and Galway Bay, the Maum Turk Mountains, the Twelve Pins north in Connemara, and Loop Head to the South.

Cliff Ireland

De Dublin, where we went to do the tour, There are several ways to visit, has the Dublin tourist agencies that make the round-trip ride there and back the same day and they charge between 30 a 65 EUR per person, Another option is to take a intercity bus go to Galway and from there hire a travel agency, we were the best in my opinion, that is by car, the rent is very cheap and ranges in price depending on the time of year, in the summer of course it's more expensive, We rented by the company Budget, but the search for the best price made by site and application SkyScanner Rent a Car, as we decided to do this trip at the last minute ended up paying more, the car comes out 20 euros and partial insurance for 10 Euro per day, We rent only for a day, time to get the car you can make the full insurance ended up doing this and became more expensive, We ended up paying 2 insurance.

Cliff of Moher Irlanda

We did this tour taking advantage of the Pri Uncles were here visiting us, so the ride was still happier and legal, with their presence.

We left early in the dawn of Dublin, we took the car at Dublin airport, because the rent is cheaper out there.


Leveraging it was by car, We made a path to move elsewhere, and we passed by the beautiful Castle Trim, the ruins of the Castle Rattin (not worth going there).

Rattin Castle

River in Ireland

Rattin Castle

We were going to go through Belvedere House Gardens & Park and at Clonmacnoise, but I would not have time to meet all, still I had a lot of road ahead.
Belvedere House Gardens & Park and at Clonmacnoise
Already very close to the Cliffs, we stopped to take pictures and meet the Dunguaire Castle, another beautiful castle, on the shores of a bay.

Dunguaire Castle

Dunguaire Castle

arriving in Cliff of Moher, right in front of visitation site has a car to leave the car, parking is paid.

Cliff of Moher

Arriving at the edge of the Cliff, there are two ways to make a left and another to the right, made the two, first the right which has a tower, midway, the view is beautiful, and even took a beautiful sunny day (rare in Ireland).

Cliff of Moher

Going to the left side of the road is so beautiful also to the right, this road is very long, only ended up playing a part because we were afraid it was dark on the way, and to return without light would be very complicated, then went back.

O Cliffs of Moher It is a safe place for those who do not shenanigans, because a lot of people who hesitated on the edge of the cliffs and was carried by the wind… Take care on the edge, especially at those times to take photos and selfies, and in windy weather has very, very careful.

Cliff of Moher

After there we know the city of Galway, but as we got there at night, only has to make a car tour of the city even, maybe a next time and we know the city.


Coming to Ireland, do not let you do this tour, it is a must.

Sunset Cliff of Moher

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