Coisas que você não deve perder numa viagem aos EUA

Things you should not miss a trip to the US

May 30, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The United States is one of the best countries in the world to enjoy and admire in every corner. However, due to the size of the country, it is better to talk about some of the best activities and attractions that you should not miss on a trip to the US.

Food and drink

The state of California is famous for the quality of the wines it produces and Santa Barbara is home to some of the best of them. this valley, You can go biking, picnics by vineyards and catch buses that go from one winery to another, allowing visitors also prove worthy of wines and olive oils of olive exposure. The food options, You can find a wide selection, how to eat "on a stick" at the Iowa State Fair, which became famous for its focus on fried foods on a toothpick, ranging from chocolate bars and biscuits, up hot dogs, In yours 75 sales stands. For sandwich lovers, It is a delight to eat Philly Cheese Steaks in the city where the rivalry began: Philadelphia is famous for this great sandwich composed mainly of two ingredients: Steak and Cheese. There are two restaurants that are one in front of the other in this city, which has a famous competition to offer the best cheesesteak in the world: Geno’s e Pat’s. Besides that, Also in the top right corner of the country, is almost mandatory eat Buffalo wings in Buffalo, because there is where one of the world's favorite foods was created is called Anchor Bar, and beyond this famous dish, It is also a place of live jazz as good as Montreux, in the heart of the city.

Comida e bebida


One of the essential is attending a show da Broadway, in New York: Times Square has several box office offering tickets for the same day to renowned and award-winning shows at discounted prices, offering the opportunity to enjoy great shows in some of the most famous places in the world. For those looking for endless fun, visit Las Vegas is the best option, because it's the entertainment capital par excellence, where Elvis is the king. Because of that, fans can get all kinds of experiences it, like finding Elvis on zombie mode for a very special wedding with Viva Las Vegas or even a game with the appropriate name Lost Vegas, and obviously, watch a tribute show to Elvis as Spirit of the King, no cassino 4 Queens. Fora Las Vegas, Country watch a show at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville is a must for lovers of country music, since it has served as a stage for stars like June Carter and Dolly Parton since its opening in 1925, becoming a cultural part of music history. In sports, one of the best experiences within the country is to watch a baseball game at Wrigley Field, because it is the stadium of the Chicago Cubs, with some of the most avid sports fanatics the world; Besides that, Wrigleyville is located outside the stadium and is known as the "world's largest beer garden".



Among the options for nature lovers, take a hike at Glacier National Park in Montana is simply a must, because it is by far one of the most spectacular national parks of America, and despite the fact that it is necessary to cross the Logan Pass just over two kilometers up the trail Highline, the scenario completely worth it. also, the states of the northern United States has 12 Great Lakes that are well known for the cleanliness of its waters and incredible views that they have to offer its visitors, regardless of the season of the year. In the South, the stretch from Southern California to San Francisco is one of the most iconic roads in the world, chamada Pacific Coast Highway, with nice weather all year round, some of the best beaches in the world, and an incredible landscape that makes visitors spend as much time as possible on the road. Not so far from there, You can visit the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater (Las Vegas is half way from California to this natural spectacle). This is a natural rock formation in the heart of Grand Canyon, It is offering an incredible view that seems out of this world and inspired thousands of movies and legends throughout history.


Tourist attractions

The Niagara Falls are, no doubt, one of the attractions that receives the Most tourists in the United States and Canada, offering boat trips to the falls, so visitors can embrace the mist, the beauty and power of this natural attraction. Not so far from Niagara Falls, You can ride the Millennium Force, no theme park Cedar Point, em Sandusky, Ohio. The Millennium Force was the first roller coaster in the world to overcome 90 meters high, and the theme park where it is located, It opened in 1870. On the other hand, cross the world famous Golden Gate Bridge is also one of the main attractions of the United States, because this bridge connects the National Recreation Area Golden Gate to Golden Gate Park, allowing visitors to see close to the infamous Alcatraz Prison. Finally, and adrenaline lovers, the United States is home to its own racing sport called INDY 500, where drivers drive cm close to each other, leaving no room for mistakes or lack of concentration at full speed.
Parks and national monuments to stadiums, beaches and amazing tours and activities, the United States offers some of the most iconic attractions, Popular, beautifuls, historical, funny, delicious and inspiring that you can not miss on a trip.

Plan your trip

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