Como alugar uma apartamento em Barcelona, na Espanha?

How to rent a flat in Barcelona, in Spain?

February 17, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Often people ask if it's easy, and how to rent an apartment in Barcelona in Spain? Here we count as our journey to rent an apartment here.

We arrived in Barcelona on 18 May, and we had rented an apartment in AirBnB site (where you rent homes, apartments etc of others, for those who know no one is kind of Uber season rentals, here in Europe is very strong, already used several times) to remain until day 31, would 13 days to find an apartment and rent.

Nesses 13 day visit over 20 apartments, had days we saw up 4, and Saturday and Sunday had no visits to, out day I had to check to see the apartment and the person desmarcava. It has been a rush, and only we got the apartment two days before the end of our stay in AirBnB, almost we need to extend the reservation.

But before getting the final apartment, we were accepted in 2 other properties, but they were to get only one month after the date we needed, We wanted and needed to get on 1 June and these two were to 1 July, to try to see if we could stay in some other Airbnb this time, only that this time of year Barcelona is crowded because of summer.

They are kind of hard to choose, and does not have much discretion, in one of these apartments the guy took us why do I have a Postgraduate degree in a famous Barcelona University (one of Spain's best) he had done 2008, but as I said before, We not stay with the apartment because we had nowhere to stay 1 month.

We were super worried and made several rental offers, here in Spain, Barcelona you can rent with real estate or direct with owners, we prefer to rent to real estate because I was with a wave of fraud in real estate ads and ad sites.

To rent a property with real estate they ask , some documents as RG here is the DNI (for those with Spanish citizenship) ou NO (for those who are abroad), and a famous payroll (is the payslip them) and this makes it very difficult in the city who is coming, You probably will not have the Nominas and only had other documents ready (DAYS, NIE and bank account)

Here comes the question, how to rent without the Nominas? Some owners and real estate accept other types of documents, but not all accept, in our case we demonstrate that we had current bank account here and show our income tax in Brazil, which showed that funds had rented an apartment and there, it made it much easier, in our case 3 of over 20 accepted in apartments, They had another 2 or 3 we like , but who did not even see our documentation for not having the Nominas and the rest do not like the apartments.

Anyway it was a struggle to get rent, so come well prepared for this mini perrengue, but in the end it was worth it lasted only 2 weeks.

Rents ad sites that were used:, e, I hope they help you too.

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