Como chegar nas Ilhas Phi Phi, na Tailândia?

Getting on Phi Phi Island, in Thailand?

September 25, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The Phi Phi Islands are located in Thailand between Phuket Island and the town of Krabi on the mainland, They are formed by 6 Islands: Ko Phi Phi Don, a Ko Ko Phi Phi Lee, a Bamboo, Ko Yung, Ko Bida Nai e a Ko Bi Da Nok.

The Ko Phi Phi Don is the only one infrastructure for tourists, this island has hotels, restaurants, and where the ferry boats arrive, there also out tours with smaller boats to other islands.

Maya Bay

A Ilha de Ko Phi Phi Le, He became very famous because of the movie “The beach” Leonardo DiCaprio, which was shot on the beach of Maya Bay, a paradise of nature, but if you do not arrive early to find lotaaada Beach tourists, another option is to take a tour that people can camp there.

Maya Bay

Getting on Phi Phi Island?

Only one way, by ferry leaving from Phuket or Krabi, because none of the Phi Phi Islands has airport, but Phuket and Krabi has airport.

We arrived in Phuket and we would stay in town, and know other places and beaches, we stayed at Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa, We stayed there for 3 days.

The airports of Phuket and Krabi has flights to / from other countries and from / to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, We arrived in Phuket from Bali, Indonesia.

Phuket to Phi Phi Islands:

You first have to go to one of two cities (Phuket has Krabi) by airplane, and from there take a ferry boat. Phuket ferries leave from Port to Phi Phi Island but also called Pier Ressada, there has several agencies that make this crossing, we bought the ticket at the hotel, but if you prefer to buy online, You can buy with the You descend straight in Ko Phi Phi Don.

Sometimes the sea in this area is a little rough and has many big waves, even these big ferries also swing, if you often have nausea, It is good to take a drug suitable for this, on our trip was quiet, but in the back the sea was mixed well and some people got sick.

Krabi to the Phi Phi Islands:

Krabi the same company, It makes the trip to the Phi Phi Islands, there you can leave three ports or piers Ao Nang Pier, Klong Jilad Pier e o Railay Bay, see which is closer to your hotel.

in Thailand, these cities Krabi and Phuket public transport is pretty bad, the best option is to take the transfer of the hotels or taxis.

If you want a hosting tip in Ko Phi Phi Don, we were in Phi Phi Villa Resort, right in front of the beach, a delight of place, well located and quite cheap.

For a pool do Phi Phi Villa Resort

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