Como comprar ingressos para o Museu do Picasso em Barcelona?

How to buy tickets to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona?

March 4, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

How to buy tickets to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona? The museum is a very famous attraction in the city and many people visit the site every day, then so it is very important to buy the ticket online and avoid the queues to buy time and also avoid the risk of getting out there and have just the ticket to visit.

The Picasso Museum is worth visiting, I (Chris) I visited when I lived for the first time in Barcelona, the museum stands out both for its Gothic architecture and the impressive collection of works that will make you rediscover the talent of Pablo Picasso.

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is located in the heart of Born, It opened in 9 March 1963 and occupies five ancient palaces, with a large exhibition area of ​​this genius. These buildings of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries are the purest Catalan Gothic style, already worth a visit just to see the buildings.

Picasso personally wanted the museum to be built in Barcelona, a city he came to 14 years to study Fine Arts and he especially appreciated.

The permanent collection of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. The museum has more than 3.500 new works. Some of them belong to his personal collection and are little known by the general public. It is the most extensive collection of the artist's works.

His father's pictures, when the artist was only 15 years, leave no doubt about his talent. The paintings that marked his life as an artist, as “Science and Charity” (1896), surprise the viewer to be very conventional and religious themes, a brand painter.

If you liked it all, it's time to buy tickets to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Tickets can be purchased as commented by internet, click here and buy your ticket. Do not waste time in queues and be sure to see these wonders of paintings and sculptures of this great genius that was Pablo Picasso.

The Barcelona Museum is the most important dedicated to the artist, but there are also other museums, in Malaga Spain and Saint Tropez na France.