Como comprar passagem de trem na Suíça?

How to buy train ticket in Switzerland?

April 4, 2018 4 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

A few days ago we went to Switzerland and made our entire script train and here we will give tips for you too can buy train ticket in Switzerland, Switzerland is one of Europe's countries as a major rail network, the train is the best option to travel around the country, By having this huge mesh, Furthermore the rental car and parking there are very expensive. But if you still prefer to rent a car we suggest that this site has the best deals.

The trains here are so good, in some even has a small playground for children within them.

A SBB is Switzerland train company, and their website is where you buy the train tickets in Switzerland, there you can buy train tickets of all kinds and even to the most luxurious first classes where a few have even included dinner, impart good, they often, It is the same class, the values ​​are not sooo higher.

Tips for buying train ticket

A very important tip is, careful when buying from these companies that sell train to all locations as the Eurail, there prices are much higher, the only good thing is that you can buy with a larger advance.

second tip, Europe's railway companies, only the offer of ticket purchases 30 days before travel, It is not like plane tickets we can buy with a year in advance, then you can only 30 days before.

On the site SBB It has several places with discounts, for example we took discounted trips we made from Zurich to Lucerne and Lucerne to Laussane, only becomes smart when buying, because the discount item is always through discreet.

Tickets will arrive in your email shortly after purchase, there is no need to print or ask to send by mail, because the e-mail comes with the code of the passage, let easy on your mobile when they come to the people who give the tickets on the train ask you.

Another question, shopping with SBB you can only buy train ticket (list of all European railway companies) Switzerland ie, flights leaving or arriving in Switzerland or internal.

and search for the name of the cities that you will not buy tickets to another city, because many sites will have the names of the cities only in English because, the site will be in English and the local language of the country, so if you do not speak the language of the country, know how the name of the city in English

Another tip at the time of the trip is to leave the bags in the locker, when you're only know the city and spend a few hours there is, for example on this trip that we had a day we visited three cities on the same day, We had left Lucerne, early and we were spending the morning in Lausanne, afternoon we went to Montreux and then even went to Geneva city where we had booked, so much as in Lausanne in Montreux, We leave the backpacks in the locker train stations, all seasons has and cost 6 a 9 Swiss franc, it 6 You can leave two backpacks each 40 liters, it 9 It is a great good for larger bags.

Buy train ticket in Switzerland and other countries:

To buy train tickets to other countries and companies, here on our blog has a list of all, click here to see this full list of railway companies in Europe.

We hope you all enjoy the trip by Switzerland, as we enjoy, with our tips on how buy train ticket in Switzerland and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that have in the country and you can see also during train travel.

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