Como é cozinhar em um Motorhome?

How to cook in a Motorhome?

February 16, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In another post in the series about Motorhomes, today we will talk about how to cook in a Motorhome and we have to take into account when making the food.

The Motorhome is a full house and one of the greatest benefits of motorhome is to have a kitchen where we can make our foods and thus spend far less on a trip.

The motorhome kitchen with stove normally 3 Gas burner, but has two mouths and with induction hob, one that has no fire, beyond the stove we have the fridge, the sink and cabinets, Some models also come with ovens, but it is not so common.

Refrigerators can vary greatly in size, one from which we have at home or those that are the size of a fridge.

To get the gas stove the Motorhomes usually has two gas cylinders which are in an external enclosure, to have no risk of leaking gas inside the vehicle, time to rent a check with the company if the canisters are gas.

another tip, careful with water use, because in motorhomes water is not unlimited as in your home, usually we have 120 liters of water between the kitchen use, Cook, wash the dishes, and this water is also the same for use in the bathroom and the toilet.

The kitchen is cool, who knows how to make good food make it anywhere.

A very important tip is, that after using all the utensils to make food, guarde tudo nos seus lugares pois antes de sair para ir para outro lugar tudo deve estar guardado e com os armários fechados para que na viagem esses utensílios não caminhem pelo motorhome e possam machucar as pessoas que estão dentro dele.

One more tip, many companies that rent the Motorhomes do not include the vessels in rent and, charge part, See what is included in each of the companies so that their rent does not leave a fortune.

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