Como é Pescar em um lago congelado na Lapônia Finlandesa?

How Fishing on a frozen lake in Lapland Finland?

February 13, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

This week we were in Ivalo, Finnish Lapland, within the Arctic Circle Arctic and one of the attractions we did and we enjoyed there was the fishing on a frozen lake in Lapland Finland, or “Ice Fishing”. I (Chris) always I liked to fish, as a child fishing with my father on our web site at Piracicaba and I have since made some fisheries in Brazil in places like the Araguaia and abroad in some lakes near Jonkoping in Sweden, but never thinking about fishing on a frozen lake in the style Eskimo.

Ivalo, Finnish Lapland

The idea of ​​ice fishing, We emerged from our planning trip to Ivalo, there the main tourist attraction is the Aurora Borealis that take place during the evenings, but what to do day there? We began to research and one of the options was Ice Fishing, that at the time I thought it was an excellent choice, Pri at the time did not like, because she thought she should have to be quiet while fishing, but then she saw that need and found not super fun and at the end we both love.

Priscila Gutierrez no frozen lake fishing

After the tours we decide that we would do, because not only did the Ice Fishing, also did the Moto Snow ride, then we also have been, started looking at which company would do the tours and hire all with Ivalo Safaris, we super recommend doing the tour with them.

Ice Fishing on the tour personnel Ivalo Safaris sought us at our hotel, They led us to change clothes and put some more warm clothes, for fishing on a frozen lake you have to have special clothes for this and they have all.

Ice Fishing

After being well prepared for the cold North Pole, because as I said above, Ivalo is within the Arctic Circle, we went to the car lake, then already in the frozen lake we took a snowmobile with a coupled sled and went to a fishing area into the lake, us 20 minutes to get there, arriving at the point we stopped to fish a hut beside the lake, which then have lunch.

Our guide has made a fire in the cabin, esquentarmos to us and leave everything prepared for lunch, soon we went back to the lake, to begin to fish.

First we had to make the hole in the ice to put the hook, this part we feel like the woodpecker design making the hole in the ice, both I and the Pri made our holes to fish, and this guide will help at all, talking about how to, the guy was super friendly and very cool.

Ice Fishing in Ivalo in Finland

We stayed there fishing with another couple of Chinese who were on tour, we just caught a fish and they fished a 8 lol, or the guide caught fish, but the Chinese had an immense ability lol, but even just taking a very tiny fish was excellent attraction, we had a lot of fun, after the first part of the fishery, We stopped to eat a reindeer meat soup with vegetables that the guide prepared, Besides the fish caught, It was wonderful lunch, drink had a very good blueberry tea and what we do not like hot drinks, but there fell well, love.

Ivalo Ivalo Safaris

After the delicious lunch inside the cabin with the fire on, We went back to the lake to fish some more, in total the tour lasts 5 hours hours, and you do not feel like spending time, because everything is very good and relaxed.

On the tour of the Ice Fishing is included, the hotel shuttle return, trip to the lake, the full snow clothes with boots, gloves, hat, helmet for snowmobiling, materials for fishing and lunch at the cabin, style with the old life of the Vikings. So if you also have this desire to know how it all, just enter the page Ivalo Safaris and book your tour.

Lapland Lake Inari

Soon we will tell more about this fantastic adventure of going to Lapland Finland.

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