Como esvaziar o depósito de esgoto dos Motorhomes?

How empty the sewage tank of Motorhomes?

February 11, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In today's post on the series will teach Motorhome emptying the sewage tank Motorhome, one of the main items that we should know before you travel out.

sewage cassette It is the technical name of the sewage tank of Motorhomes, where is saved the pee and poop, as already mentioned in other posts the motohomes are mini houses on wheels and has everything a house has, but with some differences.

What is the capacity of the sewage tank Motorhome?

Usually the capacity of Motorhomes of sewage deposits are 17 liters, but it has some major and minor, the moment for rent ask for the rental capacity and the average of how many days should be cleaned and emptied.

How to check if the sewage tank Motorhome, it's full?

Usually we have a panel indicator warns when the sewage tank It is full or almost full, this panel may be next to the toilet or in the general control panel Motorhome, ask the person you are renting the vehicle show you where it is.

Which empty the sewage tank of Motorhomes?

We gas stations that has a special area for emptying the sewage tank, these sites are marked with a sign, like the one below. Other places to empty are the rest areas roads and campings, everyone will have the same sign board.

How does a chemical toilet?

The chemical toilets Motorhomes used in work different from normal homes, they use much less water or very little water, it has no room in the car to save a lot of water.

The chemical toilets have a deposit of more or less 17 liters, and within them put a bag with a chemical to not let bad smell.

How empty the sewage tank of Motorhomes?

On the side of the motorhome has a compartment that opened with a key and there is the cassette (box guarding the sewer), to release the cassette there is a lock, usually yellow.

After he removed the tape and be in an area that can empty, has a tube turning out, the continuation has a cap at the end of all, Also yellow, we should turn to open, there is only empty the tank.

After emptying it is good to put a little clean water, closing the tank, shake and empty again.

Before placing the Sewer cassette Motorhome, You should put some clean water, very little, closing cap, back with the pipe in the initial position and put back, make sure that all is well placed and locked.

Inside the vehicle, open or deposit, put a new chemical bag in the bathroom, and will be ready to use.

I can throw the toilet paper in the bathroom?

Sim, no problem, but avoid playing too as this decrease the storage capacity. The ideal here is throw away.

The bathroom stinks motohome?

Does not Smell Bad, it smells like chemical, if it takes many days to empty it, it might be. It is best to empty it every 3-4 days, even if it is not full.

What is the difference between deposit of sewage and dirty water tank?

The sewage tank is where are stored the pee and poop. The dirty water tank is where the water is already used to use to shower and the water we use in the kitchen to wash the dishes, see how to use the dirty water tank in another post.

Hopefully with these tips your trip is wonderful.