Como funciona a energia elétrica de um Motorhome?

How the power of a Motorhome?

February 5, 2020 4 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In today's post we will talk more about Motorhome, today will be about how the power of a Motorhome, the time it takes, as feed batteries, if there is autonomous motorhome, Among other things.

We all recognize that one of the greatest comforts that we have to travel in a motorhome is to have electricity during the entire trip, but you know how it is produced? If your answer is no, stay calm, because in this article you will know the truth.

How is energy generated in a motorhome?

All the motorhomes They have 2 no minimum battery: responsible for starting the engine and other auxiliary dealing with domestic electricity. Both batteries are similar, the type “start”.

However, the auxiliary battery does not generate the electricity required to connect the devices you normally use at home. The plugs used on a daily basis are usually in 110v or 220v and 12v motorhome generates only.

This means that, during the trip, with a fully charged battery, you probably have 2 hours with lighted lamps and 2 hours with television. At the end of that period, a battery end. But there are several ways to recharge the battery will comment below.

A curious fact is that, When the battery is low, the lights do not go out immediately, but you decrease your intensity gradually, depending on how the battery is discharged.

Some motorhomes They have special batteries. This will let you use your dryer or charge your laptop while enjoying your trip. Others have devices that convert 12v to 110v or 220v, that we had rented this unit and Pri could use your hairdryer.

How long the battery power of a Motorhome?

as we speak, can be 2 hours, or unlimited, for example if you are on a camping with power sockets, or motorhome generates its own energy with solar panels or fuel generator. So it can be 2 hours or unattended, we only rent if unattended, We always go in places with nature without energy to recharge.

What is the voltage of the power outlets of a Motorhome?

The power generated by the battery of the motorhome is 12v, but many have 12v power converters for 110V or 220V, this energy is to use notebook, hair dryer and other appliances for personal use, all other motorhome equipment has already been adapted for power 12v, as: TV, Oven, Refrigerator and lights.

Where recharge the Motorhome?

If the Motorhome you rented is not autonomous, that means it has no solar panel and no fuel for power generators, you will have to go to a camping or service stations in gas stations that have taken to turn the Motorhome. This places can be found in applications such as park4night.

How the solar plates Motorhome?

Many Motorhomes today have solar panels installed on the roof to produce more power during the trip. While there is more electricity, you can have the freedom to connect more devices for longer and as we speak these Motorhomes may be autonomous and generate their own power.

The solar panels are mechanisms that generate energy from sunlight, even on cloudy days and the batteries that are part of the system stores the energy generated by solar panel. Solar panels are an environmentally friendly and easy way to produce more energy during your trip, but they are not the only.

The Motorhome we rented had the solar panels, but if you are thinking of buying a, there are many solar panels kits and some produce more energy than others. The basic kit consists of 100W, but, nonmarket, you can find others who produce up to 500w power.

However, you should know that the more sunny day, greater energy production. This means that on cloudy days or during winter, the complete 500w may not occur.

Remember that when renting a motorhome, you should be informed about how many batteries it has and has installed solar panels or some other way to produce energy. The important thing is the battery life and is autonomous.

Motorhome fuel to power generators?

Nowadays it is more difficult to find Motorhome fuel to power generators, The most common solar cells are.

Thereby, we mean that small gasoline engines that, thanks to an alternator, produce a nearby stream to 110V or 220V. That is, the current required to be able to have light in your motorhome.

There are different models, but those with 1000w allow turn on the lights, use the microwave and watch TV at the same time.

The only bad thing about these electric generators is that noise can be a little annoying. Therefore, you should get one that does not produce much sound, the generating 60dB or less are the most suitable.

Now you know how electricity works in a motorhome, Besides that, know ways to increase energy production. But some people want a trip away from electrical appliances, so now you must answer a very important question: how much energy will be needed during your trip?

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