Como ir do aeroporto de Dublin para o centro da cidade?

How to go from Dublin Airport to the city center?

September 8, 2017 1 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Dublin, as well as many European capitals, is a very small city compared to Brazilian cities, what does the city have a much faster transport, easy to use and effective.

The Dublin airport is within the city of Dublin, from downtown to the airport is less than distance of 15Km, drive takes about 30 minutes and a public transport 35 minutes.

How to go from Dublin Airport to the city center:

Public bus:
It is the cheapest way, since there do not have subways, the airport to the center and vice versa you can catch the bus lines 16 e 41, us when we lived there whenever we caught the 16 to have more buses and have less time between them, the airport has one terminal and there is where you take the bus or falls it.

Important: Dublin buses only accept the value of the ticket with the exact money, for instance if the pass costs 2,80 euros, you will have to give that exact money, if you give the more the driver will give you a paper, with the value of the information that you have to change and you have to go to the center, in the office of the Dublin Bus pick up your change back.

Another thing, there the passage was paid per kilometer, or amount of bus stops, e.g. 1 a 4 stops is a value, of 5 a 9 charts is another value, we we became in the range of 10 a 14 Airport stops, this amount of downtime cost 2,80 euros.

Special bus:
There is a special bus line that is the Aircoach Dublin Airport, he makes few stops, making it faster and the service works for more hours than the public bus, which most often ends ace 23:30hs. This bus is more expensive about 7 euros each way, but if you round the back will 12 euros.

By taxi:
It's faster, but of course it is more expensive, It is around 18 a 20 euros.

Dublin has many Brazilians, and some of them work with transfer, it has a lot to offer this service, their contacts can be found in the Dublin no facebook group, We use these services when we had early flights or when we had many bags to carry, we were paying around 10 euros.

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