Como justificar o voto no exterior?

How to justify voting abroad?

September 19, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In this post we'll help the TurMundial staff, that as we, live outside of Brazil and also has electoral domicile in Brazil and may not vote in elections 2018. We justify in past elections for mayor and was very calm, we will do again this year to avoid future problems (for example in renewed passport).

Here goes step by step: you will have to be justified by up to 60 days, after each shift, or to 30 days after returning to Brazil. Recalling that the vote can not be justified on the same day of the election. For voters with electoral domicile abroad (zona ZE / ZZ) You do not need to justify the absence of the vote in these elections.

How to justify the vote?

To make the justification voters will have to fill the justification form of Elections, and deliver it in a diplomatic body of Brazil (for example the Brazilian Consulate) or refer you to the precinct where registered.

We must send a proof of the reason for his absence in the election. The voter can prove that he is abroad through stamp in the passport, proof of residence abroad or other proof of activity carried out in the country.

registered voters in Brazil

Must send by mail to the electoral registry in which is written the following documents:

Supporting evidence to justify the absence of voting must prove that the voter is abroad on polling day and can be: the passenger ticket, entry stamp or output in another country, employment or enrollment in any educational institution abroad.

If there are any errors in the application or the copy of the document is difficult to read the justification may be invalidated by the Election Judge, causing the penalty of a fine because of the lack of justification for the absence of voting.

If there is 2 shifts in the vote for president or governor, you will have to 2 justifications for, each shift amounts to each election, but you can expect the second round and send 2 justifications, 1 in each form, all together in the mail

Where can I find the office of the address where I am registered?

The addresses of the electoral registry offices are available on the TSE website at “Check the precincts“. Entering the page, just click on the state of their voting place and find their precinct.

Justification by internet

registered voters in the EC, DF, PR, RO, RS will formalize the absence of justification for application to the polls through ONLINE justification system, available at this link: JUSTIFIED system

Voters States BA, MA, MG, PA, RJ, RN, SC and SP can do ONLINE justification directly on the site of its Regional Court (links provided by the respective TRE: enter here your TRE)

registered voters abroad

As in 2018 we will have presidential elections, voters registered abroad may vote or justify the absence, they are obliged to vote or justify only in the election for president and vice president.

How to justify after the deadline

Voters who live in Brazil
After the expiry 60 days after the election or until 30 days after returning to Brazil if you can not justify, will be indebted to the Electoral Court. To rectify the situation the voter must present in any electoral registry office in Brazil and settle the fine in the amount of R $ 3,51.

Voters residing abroad
Who have residence abroad, with electoral domicile abroad (zona ZE / ZZ) or in Brazil, and miss the deadline of 60 days after the election will also be indebted to the Electoral Court, but living abroad is unable to pay the fine.

To get a standing voter must correctly fill in legibly the application for exemption from payment of fines election and deliver any diplomatic office or send by mail to the Election Judge Foreign address in 1st ZE / ZZ SHIS Qi 13 lote i – Lago Sul, Brasilia- DF, Brazil. The request will be evaluated by the Electoral judge and can be accepted or not..

You can justify as necessary, both in Brazil and abroad. But voters who do not attend the electorate review or biometric re-registration will have voter registration canceled. Who have doubts whether or not the title was canceled, should consult your election situation.


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