Como solicitar a Assistência Social gratuita da Espanha?

How to request a free Social Welfare Spain?

July 29, 2016 1 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The Social Assistance Spanish, It would be the same as the only health system in Brazil SUS.

In this post I will explain how to apply for social assistance, recalling only for those who are new to our blog, I, Chris have dual citizenship (Brazilian-Spanish) e a Pri (my wife) only have Brazilian citizenship, for a while.

The application is easy and fast, everything is ready in a day, see what you should take and where to go:

  1. Take copies of empadronamento (here's how to apply);
  2. Take along DAYS (The identity card) or NO (Foreign Document Identification);
  3. Take the document “Acreditativo Sanitari Right to Carea”. What is that document and ask where? It is a document that gives you the right to social assistance is free of charge, ele deve be requested na Social Security Office (we were in the workshop of Drassanes, na Rua Arc Theater, 63, in Barcelona), We do not mark quotes (schedule), but they can be marked by the site and this site can also be checked the addresses of Social Security Workshops, closer to home.

With all this in hand is just going to CAP (Primary Care Center) your APS (Primary health care), search on google which is the closest to your home. There they will make the ID card of Social Assistance, which will be sent to your home in about a month, but from the day you go to the CAP, you can now use the Spanish medical network for free.


  1. Before applying for social assistance, ask for Social Security Number da, because I think it is mandatory to have the number before;
  2. People married to Spaniards also have the right to social assistance, The process is the same.

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If you need assistance in any part of the process, as we mentioned above, there are advisory and specialized lawyers, we indicate the documents Spain, is a Spanish advisory company that helps you in Spanish Nationality processes, Background criminal or criminal, Civil registration, Negative Naturalization Certificate, Legalization of Documents, Apostilamento Hague and Certified Translations.