Como solicitar o Livro de Família Espanhol ou Libro de Familia Español

How to apply for the Family Book or Spanish Libro de Familia Español

November 18, 2014 4 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The Family Book (in Spain, Libro de Familia) It is a free Spanish document that records the marriage and the children of this couple,It is issued by the Ministry of Justice of Spain, to request, should go in the Civil Registry, when in Spanish territory or the Consulate of Spain, when you are out there.

The book serves to register the family relationship between parents (husband and wife) and sons, it is note weddings, birth of children, adoptions, deaths, separations and divorces.

The book also helps and is essential for people who are married to Spanish, This document serves to prove marriage, and the part that is not Spanish, prove that you have ties to Spanish, with that that person may withdraw the NIE (Number of Foreigners Identification) and may reside and work legally in Spain and throughout the European Union.

How to make the request and what documents needed (original documents):

  1. One of the two double, must be registered Spanish citizenship, it means having the Spanish birth certificate (See the post and get the Spanish citizenship);
  2. of the birth certificate that is not SPANISHl, should have the maximum issuance date 60 days, They would also have the person's notarized who signed the document, Just ask in the office where the certificate is.
  3. Full content Marriage Certificate, for those who are already married in another country, as was our case (I and Pri, not married Brazil), should have the maximum issuance date 60 days, They would also have the person's notarized who signed the document, it is also just ask in the office where the certificate is.
  4. Legalize items 2 e 3 (THIS STEP HAS CHANGED, On August 2016 )
    1. New model. Handout is an authentication issued under the Hague Convention which guarantees the origin of a national public document to be valid and effective abroad, eliminating the legalization procedure, often complicated, time consuming and costly.
      1. The applicant fills out the application and delivers the original documents in the handout sector of the registry offices. Documents can be sent by mail: the person concerned satisfies the request and sends to the original documents via secure transport to registry, make sure your registry already does this process.
      2. The registry scans and digitizes documents.
      3. The registry accesses the SEI (CNJ Information Electronic System), sending the booklets and attached to the documents.
      4. The notary delivers the documents to interested apostilados.
    2. Old model: the birth certificate and marriage Brazilian, It should be legalized MRE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), to make that legalization there are two ways:
      1. By mail
        1. Send documents, in an envelope addressed to MRE in this envelope should have other return envelope of documents (this second envelope, you put your name and address as the recipient and the sender as MRE), in the mail envelope with the first weigh all together, the second weighing without first envelope, send by certified mail, so you can track, this process may take a month, but lately it is being done in a week.
        2. The address of the MRE is:
          1. Sao Paulo
            1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Representative Office in Sao Paulo (YOU ARE P)Legalization sector documents
              UN Avenue, 11857, 4º walk
              POCKET 04578-908 – Sao Paulo-SP
          2. Brasilia
            1. Sector Legalization and Consular Network Estrangeira- SLRC
              Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MRE
              Esplanade of Ministries - Block H, Annex I, Ground floor
              POCKET: 70170-900, Brasilia DF
          3. Elsewhere see here
      2. In person, only in Brasilia, the Service Desk Legalization of Industry and Foreign Consular Network (SLRC), watching the Time: 8h30 to 12h, Monday to Thursday. Documents for legalization must be submitted at the counter to ace 11:45. After this time (11h45 to 12h), They will be submitted for analysis to legalization for delivery in the next day.
  5. After performing items 1, 2, 3 e 4, go to Spanish consulate in Brazil, the closest address (see here which localities Consulate, remembering that alone are worth the Brasilia consulates, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador) and request the civil registration department.

Soon, two weeks after the document is ready to be removed.

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