Como tirar a Cidadania Espanhola para Brasileiros

Taking the Spanish citizenship to Brazilians

October 28, 2014 9 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

First of all, let's start talking I'm Spanish grandson by Father and before achieving Spanish citizenship, I've had more than 18 years.

I did my in 2009, when it was worth a call law: historical memory law, This law remained in force January 2009 to December 2011 and mainly benefited the Spanish grandchildren, because it allowed for the period that these larger 18 years could get citizenship. Before that tried to make living in Spain, but I had to go back before there a year, so I did not get this way.

The mainly European citizenship are hierarchically past, eg for a Brazilian who is the grandson of a Spanish, your parent should take first, you can not skip a generation. In my case I did it, first ran behind making my father's citizenship and thus managed to make my, after this 2 of mine 3 sisters have done and one of them went for their children.

So say that whenever someone has a child and have first-degree relatives Spanish, should make the child's citizenship before 18 years, if I ever have a child and if he'll do it(a) I give a grandson(a), I will make him(a) citizenship has also, because I think very important and below will tell you why I say this:

Speaking of the advantages of Spanish citizenship:

  • Enter any EU country without visa, even if you want to stay more than 3 months;
  • Work in any EU country, like any European citizen who was born there;
  • Live in any EU country;
  • Studying a graduate for a much cheaper price, for example, a post for Brazilian can cost 7.000 euros for a European citizen the same post can go out 1.600 euros;
  • If you work there a few years, may retire by two countries (what you were born and your second citizenship);
  • You do not need a visa to enter the United States, only a letter from the consulate;
  • There is no need a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates, I made a trip there, as I posted here and my wife who does not have citizenship had to pay 300 Dollars, that's right, 300 Dollars (150 dollars for each entry country we, We entered twice) and I did not pay anything;

And with all these advantages, comes the question: And today as the process is to take the Spanish citizenship? I'll put a few cases here to explain, according to Article 20 the Spanish Civil Code. You are entitled to citizenship:

  • Children of Spanish, Spaniards are by nature, to withdraw citizenship only go to the consulate, with literal birth certificate (this record must be recent, you can ask for foreign affairs ministry's website they send in your home, the more information you have the place, data, affiliation descending (Spanish descent), the easier it) your parent, the marriage certificate of them, and finally his birth certificate and fill out this form;
  • Spanish grandchildren to 18 years, must first make the item 1 your parent, then just get the marriage certificate of his parents, and finally his birth certificate and fill out this form
  • Grandchildren largest Spanish that 18 years, you and your parents faltered and now the process will be much harder, besides making the item 1, you must live in Spain legally for one year and only then can apply for citizenship in a civil registry, in Spain itself.
  • Brazilians living in Spain: Brazilians can also acquire Spanish nationality by residence, for this, They must be legally resident in Spain for at least 2 years, and only then you can apply for citizenship in a civil registry, in Spain itself.
  • Brazilians (as) married (as) with Spanish citizenship may have to live legally in Spain for 1 year, along with the spouse, and only then can apply for citizenship in a civil registry, in Spain itself, If the wedding was held before the day 02/05/1975 You are spanish(a), You must make the item 1.
  • Brazilian child born in Spanish territory where the parents have not made the birth certificate as the Brazilian Consulate of Brazil is entitled to Spanish nationality by mere presumption given that the child can not be stateless.
  • There are other types of citizenship to enter this site Spanish Consulate.

Lastly, I learned that perhaps a new law similar to the law of historical memory, can get out again, if it happens I will comment here.

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